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The role of a Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA, involves the direct care of patients. A CNA works alongside other healthcare professionals to ensure the service that is offered is exemplary. Most CNAs work directly with patients, this can include helping with bathing, using the bathroom, grooming, and other activities. Depending upon the type of facility, they may also be responsible for the monitoring of patient’s health.



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CNA stands for Certified Nursing Assistant. The job of CNA is to look after the patients and assist them with their health care needs. The typical responsibility of a CNA is to look after the patient’s condition and report back to nurses if they see any unusual developments. They also have to look after feeding of the patients, looking at vital signs and moving patients whenever required.


To become a CNA, there is a requirement to undergo a specific course of training that leads to a certification test. It is not possible to take up employment as a Certified Nursing Assistant without first of all undertaking a course of study. The training would involve acquiring knowledge relating to all aspects of patient care, including the monitoring of vital signs, the use of equipment, and knowing how to correctly feed patients.

How do you become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)? There are several ways to do this and the process is explained in detail over here. However most CNAs follow this path below:

1. Find Your CNA Class

Look for state approved CNA class on our website and request free info from those that interest you!

2. Take Your CNA class

Take the program and study hard! Pay close attention to clinical skills!

3. Pass Your CNA Exam

Pass the written exam and clinical skills test (CST)

4. Get Your Certificate!

After successfully passing the exam, you are ready to start working as a CNA!

When it comes to healthcare, you will discover that certified nursing assistants or CNAs are some of the most important members or the health care staff.

Prior to looking at the tips and guidelines for finding and choosing the best CNA classes out there let’s first of all familiarize ourselves with what a CNA is. This in turn will enable us to comprehend the prerequisites for becoming a certified nurse assistant.


When you are new to nursing there are many things that seem confusing at first. Find out what are the most frequently asked questions about CNAs…



There are many vital skills you will learn during your CNA training. Why not start here and get familiar with some of the most important ones.

Career prospects for nursing assistants is varied- there are lots of different options available for you. One should not view their qualification as CNA as something final.

Once you are in the nursing assistant position you can also learn to become a registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN). On top of that you have various other well paid degree options available for you!


Becoming a CNA is just the first step! There are many career options in the world of nursing. If you know where you want to go, it is much easier to get there…