Best CNA Schools and CNA Classes

At this present time, there are greater than 950 United States universities and colleges that offer and run nursing degree programs. Choosing the correct nursing school for you is an important factor, and you’d be advised from making these very common mistakes that people looking for CNA training make:

• An indecisive approach to which field in nursing you want to enter, culminating in you picking the wrong course
• Choosing to train at a CNA school, in which your decision to learn there was based entirely on ‘rankings’
• Picking a school that doesn’t specialize in your field
• Failing to factor in your needs and desires when choosing a nursing school
• Not researching and actually visiting enough CNA schools to make a proper and informed decision
• Being ignorant to the ‘true’ financial cost

By reviewing the most common mistakes people make, you can learn to avoid them and by using sound logic, pick the CNA course and CNA school that is suitable for you and your needs. It’s very important from the ‘get go’ to decide exactly what type of nurse it is that you want to become, and the environment that you’d be happy to work in. Knowing this, can help save you cash and you’ll avoid going down a path that might not be necessary for your type of degree. In all nursing degrees, there’s a certain amount of overlap in the types of training you’ll receive, but you’ll notice that some schools will focus on some areas more than others. For example, you might wish to pursue an Associate’s Degree to become a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), and in that situation, a community college would likely be your best choice, as you would incur a lot less financial costs than if you were to attend an expensive university. Make sure you take a focused approach and path when choosing a Health Care Career

CNA School Rankings

Finding the school which is most suitable for you can be a daunting task. There are numerous websites which declare the top nursing school’s rankings and ratings, and each site will no doubt have its own methods and criteria in which they rank, so how do you know which site is the best when they all have different #1 schools and different ranking criteria? Well, the fact is, none of these sites are right. The ‘right’ school for you does not need to be what someone else has decided is #1. The right school for you should be based on what you personally want and need. It is possible to develop your own list of top CNA schools based on the information available and by what your own needs are, and that’s how I advise you go about it.

The problem with these nursing school rankings is that they are totally subjective. Some of them don’t even accept schools that do not have dual accreditation, they are just disregarded. Others have no requirements for accreditation at all! Some top ranking nursing school’s sites actually base their rankings on student reviews, while others use test results and pass rates to decide which ones are best. Others use feedback from professors from all the schools to determine where they rank.

You simply need to look at the rankings, and at the same time keep in mind what type of nurse you actually want to become and your specific needs in a course. You need to be certain your school has a training program for your chosen field of work, and you need to ask whether it is accredited or not. Your desires are also important when choosing a course or school. Is class size important to you? What about accessibility to professors? Would you prefer to work with the top ‘minds’ in your specific field? … all of these thoughts and desires will mean you’ll need to thoroughly research each school, and luckily it’s not that hard to do. Most colleges and universities have staff that can answer all these questions for you, so don’t be afraid to ask. Also, check out each school’s website as they often offer a wealth of information. Remember that the actual school’s location is another important factor when choosing where to study, you need to be certain that you can travel back and forth to your school within your travel budget.

Needless to say, actually visiting schools is the most effective way to ensure that the school fits your criteria, and it’s very important that you make sure and actually do this before enrolling on a course. I’d recommend you visit at least 3 or 4 different schools to make a reasonably informed choice. The truth is, a lot of info you find online can be outdated, and rankings are based on opinions, statistics and sometimes driven by a financial incentive. You’ll only truly get a good idea of what a school is like by actually visiting it in person. You’ll get to see what the labs and classroom facilities are like; you can approach and talk with the staff, lecturers and students, and see which other facilities are in place such as libraries, computer rooms, nursery facilities etc.

Many schools offer some great recreational facilities as well, like Gyms, Clubs, Days out, Work placements and more. You’ll likely discover that the school you are visiting offers more than you previously thought just by visiting their webpage.

CNA Classes and Financing

A great mistake many people make is that they ignore the financial aspect of CNA training. There are plenty of schools out there that offer financing that goes above and beyond the usual financial aid and scholarships you can receive. Some schools however do not, and will not, accept financial aid packets. If your finances are an issue, and for the majority of people they are, then be certain to know and understand what amount of financial support you are likely to need. Alongside financial aid, it’s important to know how much aid you’ll need for a specific school. Many schools have ‘hidden’ fees that you may not be aware of at first, and until it’s too late. In these economic times, it’s a sad fact, but schools and universities are becoming quite creative and you can sometimes find extra charges for things like parking and healthcare. Make sure you research a school thoroughly and discuss the financial aspects with the staff before you decide to enroll, otherwise you make be lumbered with unforeseen charges after you start your course, which ultimately could mean you might need to drop out due to lack of finances.

Step by Step Process-How to Find the Best CNA Schools:

  1. Contact Your State’s Nursing Board to Discover Accredited CNA Programs Available in or Near Your Locality!

Apart from playing the role of a “Manager” to regulate the CNAs, RNs, LPNs and other such nurse practitioners, the Board of Nursing in each state (be it of California, Maryland, Connecticut and Alaska) does also maintain records about the good nursing schools available in their specific states.

Hence, the first, and also the easiest, step for you is to contact your state’s nursing board, through phone, personal visit or online inquiry; if I may say so, the latter option is swift & economical. So, just open the official website of your state’s Nursing Board and then find out the approved CNA schools located in or near your locality.

  1. Consider The Factors Like “Ease of Access”, “Tuition Charges” & “Student Facilities”!

After conjuring up a list of the state approved CNA schools available in your residential place, you are next supposed to fish out the one best CNA program; but, since all the state accredited CNA programs are reckoned to be of the best quality, it would be a mindboggling issue to select the one best from the many bests CNA schools. Hence, here are some consideration factors to ease this issue: –

  • Ease of Access: Like most people, you may also wish to attend a CNA school that is near to your home and easily accessible, but if you don’t mind staying away from your family or the transportation cost, then location of the school may not be an issue for you.
  • Tuition: The CNA program cost might vary from one school to another; community colleges generally charge less and private nursing schools more.
  • Others: Look out for job placement feature and financial aids in CNA schools.
  1. Check Out the Schools’ Reputation at Landing Jobs for Its Graduated CNAs!

It is also essential to discover how good a particular CNA school is at landing jobs for its newly graduated CNAs; some CNA schools, even if unaccredited by the state, are regarded highly by the healthcare industries, meaning that students from such schools are most likely to get hired right after their graduation.