CNA Classes in Charlotte NC

One job that offers a good paying salary and employment stability is that of a Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA, and more and more young members of the labor force are recognizing this potential. The state of North Carolina, for example, is experiencing attention-catching increases in its roster of Nursing Assistants – the very reason behind the growing popularity of schools who are now offering CNA classes in Charlotte NC.

State and School Requirements

The specific requirements for admission in a CNA program would vary from school to school. Most schools that offer CNA programs, however, would require documents like your high school diploma (with your GED certification), criminal background check (with the proper certification from a Health Care worker), Photo ID, and even fingerprint cards. You would also be asked to pass a Physical Health examination, and present proof of getting immunization from Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis. (The Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR) is the official body designated by the state of North Carolina to govern the issuance of the general requirements for admission).

Where to Find Training in Charlotte

There are plenty of options for CNA training in Charlotte. Divine Health Academy provides quality training in several nursing and medical professions through classes provided during the day, at night or on the weekend. Students will be taught how to interact and move patients; how to check vital signs; and basic care/grooming as CNAs must have compassion and enjoy caring for others. Students are also able to register for the state exam upon course completion. Like many other educational institutions, Queens University of Charlotte offers students a classroom setting for lectures, laboratory sessions and clinical rotations to prepare them for the state exam and for entry-level work as a Certified Nursing Aide. The school’s website states that the program will give students the skills and knowledge needed to provide superior healthcare upon graduation. Students must have computer access with a printer, e-mail account and Internet connection, as all communication is done electronically.

Among the most popular schools that offer CNA classes today are the following: Kaplan UniversityWalden UniversityECPI University and De Vry University. These schools offer both online programs (with flexible schedules) and classroom-based CNA programs.

Exam Preparation

Express CNA Training offers a 1-day exam prep course that offers hands-on training by a professional. With a 99 percent passing rate, the nonprofit program provides students with exam preparation and the skills needed for career advancement so that they can work in hospitals, nursing home, and other healthcare facilities. By attending Express CNA Training, a student can begin working within approximately three weeks. CNA NOW Training is another 1-day course, with lunch provided. This course’s fees include receiving a stethoscope and blood pressure sleeve, two immensely important pieces of equipment for a CNA. With one-on-one training available, CNA NOW Training guarantees the success of its students. The course costs $250 with a $100 non-refundable deposit.

Upon passing the certification test administered by Pearson VUE (as chosen by the North Carolina State Department for Health), you will be required by NC laws to register in the state list of Registered Nursing Aides. This step is mandatory as this is the means by which prospective employers may check your verification status as a Certified Nursing Assistant. State laws of North Carolina require that you keep your status active in the Registry List by continuing to serve as a CNA in the state’s public or private facilities.