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Succeeding after a particular course is the best thing that can happen to a student. Well, this is the main reason why you would find a parent struggling to make ends meet and the students to learn in the best schools in town. Now that you plan to take CNA classes in Chicago, you should take your time in choosing the best schools that offer this course. While doing this, you should focus on knowing the success of the particular institution. This means that you would have to go into the history of the school. The prices or fee of the courses is also a determining factor. Below are some of the top schools you can find in Chicago.

You have two choices on how to obtain your CNA training in Chicago – get it for free through a state-supported program (or other sponsored programs) or enroll yourself in a school that specifically caters to training CNAs. Whatever option you choose, you have to make sure that you undergo a CNA class from a state-approved institution or training center.

CNA Training Options

You could obtain training through the free CNA programs offered by the Red Cross, provided that your current income is less than $40,000. Another option you have for getting free CNA classes in Chicago is through entering into agreements with nursing homes where they will allow you to take hands-on training in their facility provided that you would work for them after certification.

There are several nursing homes nowadays that offer this kind of scheme. However, you have to be willing to work in the facility for a specified period and you also have to meet their criteria since this has a job offer at the end of the program. You will never go wrong in applying at a nursing home for a free CNA training program. Aside from the no-cost training, you also get a permanent employment after passing the certification exam. Some of these facilities even offer a paid CNA training to qualified individuals.

Requirements for Certification

The Illinois Department of Public Health is the central government body authorized to approve private schools who are offering CNA programs in Chicago area. It is thus important that you would ensure first that this department certifies the potential schools on your list.

The Department also indicates in its written rules and regulations for CNAs that you must at least complete 100 hours of classroom training, with written proof that you have completed such requirement. Your competency would then be judged as you take the examination for being certified. Note: you can only take this test three times. If you fail to pass in three tries, state laws demand that you undergo another CNA training program.

Just like other states too, Chicago requires you to pass a criminal background check as one of the main requirements for admission to a CNA training program (this is in accordance to the Health Care Worker Background Check Act). Illinois rules also require that you must at least be 16 years of age to qualify for admission.

Finally, upon being certified, the Department also requires that you will register to the Illinois Health Care Worker’s Registry so future employers will be able to verify your status as a registered CNA in Chicago.

CNA classes in Chicago

With accordance to the Illinois Department of Health, there are regulations for CNA classes in Chicago.  There should be no online training course made available for CNA classes in Chicago.  You need to have the right training programs which will give you the goal of learning the vital skills which are a prerequisite in the CNA profession.

When you plan to enroll in CNA courses in Chicago, you need to do some researching first. You can check out the approved and credited training schools and centers in the Illinois Board of Nursing. There are several testing centers and training programs which you can find in this city, some of them include:

The Illinois Board of Nursing has not specified the number of hours needed in lecture classroom setting. You need to be able to follow the approved training programs of the Illinois Department of Health before taking off the board examination for nurse aid.

When you take the test, you have to pass the criminal background check first. When you are cleared for it, and you pass the exam, you are then registered as a CNA professional in Chicago, and your name will be written in the registry for CNAs in the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Illinois School of Health Careers

Illinois School of Health Careers is an institution that knows all that it means to become a CNA expert. In this case, they have the best labs and equipment that you can use during your practical lessons. The staff members are also the best graduates from all over the world. The learning environment is just superb; the classes are spacious enough. By applying for the courses offered in this institution, you can rest assured that you will be getting a job quickly without much of hustle. Some of the diploma programs offered include Medical Assistant, Patient Care Technician &Dental Assistant. For more details feel free to access their website as shown above.

Always remember that the CNA training program of Illinois School of Health Careers is limited. The school does not admit several students at one time to ensure a personalized training and instruction. Interested applicants must be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They also have to pass the criminal background check, TB testing, and drug screening. Aside from that, applicants should be physically fit and capable of lifting at least 50lbs and above. The job of a CNA requires physical effort that is why students have to be prepared for its demands.

Everest College

Everest College has a CNA training program that allows you to take the certification exam after completing the course. The admission takes place several times a year, usually at the end of the program, and interested applicants have to meet the program requirements to be admitted. The school requires all the candidates to be at least a high school graduate or equivalent, with a clean criminal record and negative drug screening and TB test results.

Accepted students will go through a combined classroom lecture and skills training which will take place in one of the related healthcare facilities in the college. The clinical training will be a supervised hands-on training by a licensed instructor who is also a Certified Nursing Assistant, a Licensed Practical Nurse, or a Registered Nurse. Graduates will become competent and qualified individuals who are prepared to embark another chapter of their nursing career.

Northwestern Institute of Health and Technology

Another school that you can enroll for CNA classes in Chicago is the Northwestern Institute of Health and Technology. They have the best facilities that you can use for practical lessons. Healthcare courses typically demand the best services. This would ensure that you become the best in the job market. The school offers practical nursing programs that you can apply. All the school does is to prepare you for a place in the market once you complete your program. The good thing about the courses that they offer is that they are reasonably priced. Thus with an ideal payment plan, you can settle your fees conveniently.

Chicago is found in Illinois and it is known to have a demand of 1800 to 2000 CNA professional per year. This is great news who wants to be part of the lucrative job in the medical field, particularly being a CNA career. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for CNA professionals in Chicago City continues to rise to about 34% by the year 2020.

Black Hawk College

Black Hawk College is centered on funding the necessary skills and knowledge which you will need in your CNA profession. They offer the CNA course for eight weeks maximum, and it will cover several concepts and competencies which are within the scope of practice of a nursing assistant. Prospective students of the program must be at least 16 years old with a minimum of 8th-grade education. They also require the ESL (English as a Second Language) students to take the Michigan Test before enrollment. Aside from that, other requirements of the CNA program are physical assessment, criminal background check, immunizations in Hepatitis B, varicella, and 2 MMR, and a negative blood test result for tuberculosis.

All students of the CNA program must complete 80 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of clinical training. A grade of C in all coursework is necessary to receive a certificate of completion. Graduates will also be entitled to take the state certification exam and work as a Certified Nursing Assistant after passing it.

Elgin Community College

Elgin Community College deals with providing the best education and training. They are known to produce top quality CNA professionals. They also have the best professors who are willing to aid in your learning and training experience. These teachers are licensed healthcare professionals who have years of experience in their field. Students who are enrolled in the CNA training program will become competent and confident in providing primary nursing care as they will be trained in a small class size and personalized instruction.

The CNA training program of Elgin Community College is approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Graduates will become eligible for the State Competency Written Evaluation for certification, and they will be qualified to work as a nursing assistant as soon as their names are written in the Nurse Aide Registry. The primary goal of the CNA training program is to prepare the students for immediate employment in various healthcare agencies.

Career Training Center of Chicago

Career Training Center of Chicago has a primary, 5-week course where students prepare for the Illinois state exam as well as acquire the knowledge needed for entry-level work as a Certified Nursing Aide. Perfect attendance is necessary to allow the students to finish the course in four weeks, getting a head start on passing the exam and beginning their careers. Courses are offered during the morning/afternoon and in the evening, and clinical instruction takes place on weekends. Applicants must have finished the 8th grade and be able to pass a reading comprehension exam.

The CNA training program of Career Training Center of Chicago is offered all throughout the year. Interested individuals must visit the school’s admission office and submit the requirements of the program including a high school transcript or equivalent, proof of immunization, negative TB test, drug screening, and criminal background check. It is important to take note that the training center accepts few students per program to provide a personalized instruction. Thus, prospective students have to enroll beforehand to get a slot in the CNA training program.

Chicago’s Pulse CPR Training Classes, Inc.

Approved by the American Heart Association to teach a variety of courses, Chicago’s Pulse CPR Training Classes, Inc. is dedicated to training individuals, healthcare providers and corporation employees in first aid, CPR and other healthcare-related fields. The CNA program teaches students a variety of informational topics, such as infection control, how to measure vital signs, nutrition, rehabilitation, fundamentals of patient care, basic anatomy and physiology, and more. The 124-hour courses are divided into four sections: laboratory sessions, classroom lectures, clinical instruction, and CPR training.

Students go through hours of classroom lectures and laboratory training to learn the nursing concepts and skills essential for the CNA practice. Once completed, they will be exposed in a clinical setting with supervision from a licensed healthcare provider; either a Certified Nursing Assistant or Registered Nurse. The CNA class is a good starting point for anyone who wants to work in the healthcare field. Students who complete the CNA classes can take the state exam and work as a Certified Nursing Assistant after having their names listed on the Nurse Aide Registry. However, prospective students have to enroll in the program before slots are filled. The CNA training is limited to some students to ensure a personalized training.

Oakton Community College – Skokie Campus

Located just northwest of Chicago, Oakton Community College – Skokie Campus offers CNA/BNAT (basic nurse assistant training) curriculum that focuses on preparing students to work in home care, assisted living facilities, hospitals, and nursing homes. The basic nurse assistant training class provides all the information and hands-on experience a student needs, while the training gives students valuable job search skills and techniques. Enrollment is limited, so students must apply for the 10-week (day) or 16-week courses (night and weekend). The school touts a 98 percent passing rate on the state’s licensure exam.

Moreover, interested students have to meet the program requirements to be admitted in the CNA class of Oakton Community College. A high school diploma or equivalent is the minimum educational requirement, but applicants must pass the criminal background check and drug screening. They also have to show a proof of completed immunizations as well as a negative TB test. Students who are planning to take the CNA training program through student loans, grants, or scholarships can visit the school’s Financial Aid office for additional information about these opportunities.

Samland Institute of Allied Health and Technology

Through discussion, hands-on practice and supervised lab work, students at Samland Institute of Allied Health and Technology are taught to become qualified Certified Nursing Aides. The school has been offering various nursing programs including a CNA training program over the last year, and it has consistently gained an excellent reputation in producing qualified nursing assistants in the state. The Institute’s 120-hour course, which is approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health, incorporates 80 hours of theory and 40 hours of clinical study.

The combined classroom lectures and clinical training enable the students to become prepared for the certification exam. Samland Institute’s professors and clinical instructors are all licensed healthcare professionals who have created a name in the nursing field. They provide a personalized training among its CNA students, and they guarantee to assist these aspiring individuals to become a better version of themselves. The CNA training program takes place all throughout the year, and interested students have to meet the requirements including a high school diploma or equivalent, a criminal background check, and drug screening. There will be other requirements needed during the clinical training.

Free CNA Classes in Chicago

As of the moment, there are 121 hospitals and medical facilities in Chicago. With this huge number, there is a huge demand for medical professionals like CNAs. These employers who own medical facilities sometimes provide Free CNA classes in Chicago which is a good catch. The persons who are planning to go to CNA classes but have no finances to back them up are the most favored with this kind of opportunity and privilege. The following key employers in Chicago includes University of Chicago Medical Center, Rush University Medical Center and Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Another option is to apply for scholarship grants in an academic institution or ask assistance from the Illinois Department of Health. You can check their websites for more information.

Prairie State College

This is one of the best institutions to acquire a CNA certificate from. All the skills and experience gained from this college are the best and all that  the employers are looking for.Prairie State College provides at least 75 hours of training class sessions. Scholarships and grants are also offered thus making easy for free CNA classes in Chicago aid all the people who might be straining financially. For more information about this college, click here and learn more. This institution provides funds to the needy who are faced by varying circumstances. Also, the state of Chicago ensures that all the people who have inadequate money continue with their studies by offering them loans.

Wilbur Wright College

Luckily, Wilbur Wright College makes the dreams of many people in Chicago come true because of providing free CNA classes. Classroom sessions which mostly end up to 75 hours are offered in this place. Lab sessions are also provided with the students frequently going out to the field to test their skills. Another main reason that students who have ambitions of becoming nurses and doctors should consider Wilbur Wright College is because of the training offered. Most employers highly recommend students from this institution and employ them because of the adverse skills, knowledge, and experience.

Students are trained on many different aspects such as physical care mostly helping the weak, prescribing medicine and advising patients on varying things. Through the provision of free CNA classes in Chicago, many people have been able to reach out to their dreams. For more inquires or for those who have questions about the institution log on to here

Nursing homes, community colleges and hospitals- These are also some other places where one can receive CNA training and gain enough skills and experience. Getting a chance to study in such places has lots of advantages. After completing and passing the exams, one gets a chance of working and getting employed as a staff. They mainly offer training for different programs on the nursing field but one has to follow their terms. For you to receive the free CNA classes in Chicago in these institutions, you have to work for them after successfully completing the training. Luckily, all the experience gained by working in such places helps when seeking for job employment. Also, nursing homes are some of the main places where patients are in high numbers therefore a great number of CNAs will always be required.


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