CNA classes in Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is found in Volusia County, Florida, United States of America. It is geographically 51 miles northeastern part of Orlando and 242 miles northwestern part of Miami. It is a city that is full of job opportunities for medical professionals like CNAs. In fact, there have been a lot of institutions that now caters CNA classes in Daytona Beach

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry has a projecting boom of 30% in a few years to come. With this projection, residents who are unemployed and those who wish to change their career can quickly get employment in the healthcare field. The growing demand for nursing services has led to an increasing need for nursing assistants. Thus, taking a CNA class is a perfect way to start a career in nursing.


The CNA training program is one of the best courses to start a nursing degree. This healthcare course can be completed in a few weeks, and graduates can take the certification exam and work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in different facilities. Individuals who earned a certification can also work their way up for an advanced study of LPN programs, Diploma in Nursing, BSN, and many others. However, those who enroll in CNA classes in Daytona Beach should be keen on the approved and certified training in Florida.

It is essential to study in a program that is recognized by the Florida Department of Health to become a qualified healthcare professional. There has been a lot of unfortunate stories about CNA graduates who studied in a school that is not approved by the state. These individuals are not only wasting their time, but they also spend a lot of money because they will be required to retake the course in a state-approved facility.

If you want to become a Certified Nursing Assistant without being fooled by some unrecognized schools, have a look at the complete list of state-approved institutions of Florida Department of Health. You can visit their office personally, or you can check their official website. Moreover, the Florida Board of Nursing has stated that a CNA course should have at least 120 hours of instruction. Prospective students should be able to complete the required number of hours. Otherwise, they will not be eligible to sit for the certification exam.

Upon completing the CNA training program, it is then when graduates can take the state certification exam. Usually, the examination is made in Prometric website, and it has two portions. The first part of the certification test is a written exam and the second part is a return demonstration about the common nursing procedures. Every student who wishes to take the test should pass the criminal background check and health screening. Those who have a felony conviction, theft, abuse or violent crime are not eligible to work or practice as a CNA professional. If you pass, your name will be registered in the Florida Nurse Aide Registry.


Free CNA classes in Daytona Beach is possible via employers who are willing to sponsor the educational expenses of potential nursing assistants. With the increasing demand for nursing assistants, several healthcare facilities are offering grants and scholarships. Some of them are even providing a paid training which means that students get a salary while studying a CNA course.

Getting this kind of opportunity is a privilege to earn and become employed in the healthcare facility sponsoring the program. Although it requires a return service, individuals who work as CNAs will enjoy a competitive salary and employment benefits. They can also request their employer to pursue an advanced study as long as they are willing to work for more years.

Some of the famous medical facilities which you can find in Daytona Beach would include Coastal Health and Rehabilitation Center, Daytona Beach Health and Rehabilitation Center, and Good Samaritan Society-Daytona. These services are not offering free CNA classes at all times, but they usually train their prospective applicants to become a recognized nursing assistant in the state of Florida.

Just like any other programs, the CNA classes require a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Participants should also undergo a criminal background check and health screening to be considered. Every employer has a different set of criteria and program qualifications. Thus, if you want to be part of the program, you have to make sure that you meet these requirements and you agree on what the contract states.

CNA courses in Daytona Beach

Aside from the healthcare facilities offering paid or free CNA training programs, there are quite some schools and colleges that have this kind of healthcare course. These institutions have been providing a CNA class for the longest time, and they have produced several nursing assistants who are also qualified healthcare professionals.

Prospective students should take note of the requirements of the program. Absences are often not tolerated in the course because of its rigorous and fast-paced training. Scholarships, loans, and grants may be available, but students should apply for this. Among the schools offering a CNA training program in Daytona Beach are the following;

Daytona State College

The Nursing Assistant training program of Daytona State College provides the students with adequate knowledge and skills needed in performing the role of a nursing assistant in a long-term care setting. Upon completion, graduates will be prepared for the certification exam and employment in various healthcare facilities like hospitals, assisted living, sub-acute care, and long-term care settings. The CNA training program of Daytona State College is available in an evening class schedule only, and participants can finish it in eight weeks.

To get into the program, applicants must undergo a TABE test and meet the minimum scores. However, enrollees who graduated from Florida Public High School with a diploma or an active duty military are exempted from taking this placement test. Individuals who received a college English and Algebra are advised to bring an unofficial transcript. Meanwhile, those who have specific scores on SAT, ACT, or CPT are not required to take the TABE test.

Admission to the CNA program of Daytona State College is competitive due to the small class size. All interested applicants have to complete the necessary form and proceed to Assessment Center for testing. They are also required to undergo and pass the physical exam, drug screening, and Level II background check. Enrollees who are invited to the program will have an opportunity to be trained by the best clinical instructors who have years of experience in the clinical field.

The CNA training program can be a stepping stone for a rewarding and fulfilling career in nursing. Most graduates of Daytona State College passed the state certification exam and can secure a permanent CNA position in various medical settings. This is due to the support, and high-quality education is given to all aspiring healthcare professionals. Nonetheless, students with financial needs are welcome to apply in the CNA training program. Scholarships, loans, and grants are available at the school’s Financial Aid Office.

Daytona College

Individuals who enjoy working with other people and who wish to become a healthcare provider can check on the CNA training program of Daytona College. The program is approved by the state Department of Education and Department of Health, allowing graduates to sit for the certification exam and work as an entry-level nursing assistant in various healthcare settings like hospitals, nursing homes, and many others. Daytona College believes that quality care comes from competent and highly-skilled nursing assistants. Thus, the school aims to nurture, train, and produce CNA graduates who are prepared for the certification exam and potential employment.

The Certified Nursing Assistant training program of Daytona College is composed of 120 hours of instruction and clinical practice. Students can finish the course in six weeks, with four weeks dedicated to classroom instruction and two weeks for clinical rotation. The program includes a variety of nursing courses and skills training like anatomy and physiology, fundamentals in nursing, common medical terminologies, nutrition, infection control, patient safety, activities of daily living, taking vital signs, bed making, and many others.

Moreover, Daytona College provides the best training for prospective nursing assistants. With modern classrooms and fully equipped simulation lab, every student gets the chance to practice the skills before they are exposed in a clinical rotation. The clinical instructors are also licensed and experts in the healthcare field. They do not only teach and train the students, but they also assist them in performing different procedures.

Scholarships and grants can be obtained at Daytona College. Students who want to apply can check these programs at their financial aid office and submit the requirements.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is one of the most reputable institutions offering a state-approved CNA training program in Florida. The program is a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice, which can give the students a better understanding of the profession and an opportunity to take the certification exam and become a Certified Nursing Assistant. The American Red Cross is fully equipped with state of the art classrooms and simulation labs. Every student has a privilege to enjoy the modern facilities and obtain a hands-on experience before the start of their clinical rotations. Among the nursing subjects discussed are infection control, patient safety, patient’s rights, anatomy and physiology, medical terminologies, the art of caregiving, and many others. Upon completing the lectures or in-class work, students then go through a clinical rotation in an affiliated healthcare facility.

The CNA training program of the American Red Cross requires all prospective students to possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent, with a clean criminal record, drug screening, and TB testing. Individuals with a criminal history or communicable disease will not be admitted in the program. Nevertheless, students who successfully gain an admission will be trained by the best clinical instructors who have years of experience in the healthcare field. They will graduate in this healthcare course with adequate knowledge and skills in preparation for the exam and future employment.

Scholarships and grants may be available in the American Red Cross, but it is best to check the institution’s Financial Aid Office. There will be specific requirements that have to be met, and individuals who are granted financial assistance can complete the program without having the burden to pay the tuition.

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