CNA Classes in Denver CO

Denver, Colorado is one of the progressive cities in the United States of America, with a population of 682,545 according to the 2015 census. It has several tourist attractions and opportunities for individuals who are embarking a career in the healthcare field. Several hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and other long-term care settings are in need of LPNs, Registered Nurses, Medical Doctors, and even Certified Nursing Assistants. Individuals who have no prior education in nursing can start working as a Certified Nursing Assistant through a state-approved CNA training offered by several schools in the city.

These programs take a couple of weeks to complete and include a combined classroom instruction, lab training, and hands-on clinical practice. CNA classes in Denver are a core requirement for residents who intend on writing the Colorado CNA certification. Students who complete the courses offered at CNA schools in Denver—as well as successfully pass the certification test—can go on to work as licensed nursing aides in different healthcare facilities. Aside from the career stability and growth, becoming a CNA enjoy receiving excellent compensation and benefits from their employers. They can even study an advanced nursing education, which allows them to become an LPN or RN.


Applicants enrolling for CNA classes in Denver are encouraged to be in possession of at least a high school diploma. Individuals who are already working at a nursing facility may be required to have some blood work taken to ascertain their immunity to certain diseases such as Hepatitis B. A physical test is done to ensure that the applicant is physically fit for the job. CNAs must ideally be able to lift 20lbs. A criminal background test will also be conducted. Individuals with criminal records may be barred from sitting for the state certification test.

The admission requirements for the CNA classes may vary per school. Individuals who want to get into the program have to make sure that they pass the training criteria and attend the classes without absences. Some schools will would their students to get a grade of at least 85% to graduate, while others would just want a grade of 80% only. Students have to attend an orientation class about the CNA training to have a better understanding of the profession and the requirements to sit for the certification exam.


Several schools are providing accredited CNA programs in Denver, Colorado. These institutions have different training requirements for their prospective students. Check out their Nursing Assistant training programs which are offered several times in a year.

Emily Griffith Technical College

Students in search of CNA classes in Denver may choose to enroll at the Emily Griffith Technical College. The College offers an accredited CNA program that is compliant with the state’s certification requirements. The 86-hour program can be completed over 4 to 8 weeks. This includes both clinical and class work. The CNA program covers fundamental areas such as basic nursing skills, emergency care, medical ethics, infection control, and safety.

The Nursing Assistant program of Emily Griffith Technical College meets the certification requirements of Colorado OBRA and the State Board of Nursing. This allows graduates to take the certification exam and become a qualified nursing assistant in the state. Moreover, the program is made up of five credits, and it follows a rigorous curriculum that requires full-time study commitment. Students have to avoid creating absences or tardiness during the program. They have to pass the exams, training, and clinical practicum, with a grade of 85% or more.

Emily Griffith Technical College has a good reputation in producing competent nursing assistants in the state of Colorado. Individuals who want to enroll should have a high school diploma or GED equivalent and must provide a passing score on the reading test, and a negative TB test. A criminal background check is also conducted during the admission process. Nevertheless, the cost of the Nursing Assistant training program is $665, which does not include books, uniforms, fees for the state board testing, and watch with a second hand. Scholarships can be obtained at the school’s Financial Aid Office.

South Denver School of Nursing Arts

The South Denver School of Nursing Arts offers a Nurse Aide Training Program which is approved by the Colorado State Board of Nursing. The program is made up of 104 hours of instruction which also includes 24 hours of clinical practicum. Class size is small to ensure an individualized training, and students are trained by the experienced and friendly licensed nurses. The Nurse Aide Training Program allows the participants to gain adequate knowledge, skills, and experience in preparation for the State Board Certification Exam for Nursing Assistants. The course covers several nursing topics like anatomy and physiology, nutrition, infection control, fundamentals in nursing, care for the elderly, activities of daily living, and many more. It also includes a hands-on clinical practice in a long-term care setting with supervision from their instructor.

South Denver School of Nursing Arts has a good reputation in the certification exam. They have consistently gathered a high passing rate in the licensing test and has become an excellent school for aspiring healthcare professionals. Individuals who are interested in getting into the CNA training have to provide a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Students who are still in high school have to ask for a recommendation from their school counselor. Nevertheless, all applicants to the program have to possess a clean criminal record, negative TB test, and no records of substance abuse. The South Denver School of Nursing Arts also provides scholarships or grants to students who qualify for tuition assistance. They can avail these programs at the Financial Aid Office, and they also have to apply for it.

Community College of Denver

The Community College of Denver offers a Certified Nursing Assistant training program which can be completed in as little as four weeks. The program is designed for individuals who want to begin a meaningful career in the healthcare field. Students who graduated from this healthcare course will earn a five-credit certificate and will become eligible for the Colorado Nurse Aide Certification exam. The five credits obtained from finishing the course prohibits the students from a financial aid eligibility. With this restriction, participants in the training must pay the tuition in full or make a payment arrangement with the Community College of Denver. The Certified Nursing Assistant training program costs around $1,107.75 for Colorado residents. Such amount is subject to change and is exclusive only for these types of students. Those who live outside Colorado may pay more than the in-state tuition. The tuition and fees do not include the cost of immunizations, shoes, uniforms, gait belt, as well as wrist watch costs.

Although financial aid may or may not be available for the Certified Nursing Assistant training program, students can still visit the school’s Financial Aid Office for the availability of scholarships. The Community College of Denver does help deserving students who have excellent academic grades and those who belong to low-income families. However, they have to take note that the program has a limited class size. Individuals who are interested in getting into the training should be at least 17 years old, with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Other requirements of the program include a criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing.

Red Rocks Community College

Red Rocks Community College offers a Certified Nursing Assistant training program which combines classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice. This program is approved by the state Department of Health and Board of Nursing, allowing graduates to sit for the certification exam and work as a CNA in various healthcare facilities. To gain admission in this healthcare course, prospective students have to be at least 17 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent, criminal background check clearance, drug screening, TB testing, and proof of immunization on certain vaccines. The program is offered several times a year. Thus, interested students can apply as early as possible to reserve a seat.

The Certified Nursing Assistant training program of Red Rocks Community College is taught by expert clinical instructors who are licensed healthcare professionals and who have years of experience in the medical field. Class size is small that is why every participant receives an individualized instruction. They can seek assistance right away from their instructors, especially during the hands-on clinical practicum. The school also has a good passing rate of the state certification exam over the years. Despite the short and rigorous training, students become competent and highly skilled professionals who are ready to embark a profession in the healthcare sector.

Nevertheless, students who are taking the CNA training program can also apply for scholarships, loans or grants at the Financial Aid Office of Red Rocks Community College. These tuition assistance programs are available to help those students who cannot pay for the CNA cost due to financial constraints.

AnnRose School of Nursing Arts, Inc.

AnnRose School of Nursing Arts, Inc. offers an in-depth Certified Nursing Assistant training program to individuals who are interested in becoming an entry-level healthcare professional. This healthcare course is exclusive to 12 students only so individuals who want to get an admission should reserve a seat as early as possible and meet the program requirements. All prospective students must be 16 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Those who are still in high school must provide a letter of recommendation from their counselor. Furthermore, enrollees have to undergo a criminal background check and must show no criminal offense. They also have to pass a TB test and drug screening and must be able to provide a proof of immunization from certain vaccines.

The good thing about AnnRose School of Nursing Arts, Inc. is they offer a flexible schedule among their students. Those who are working can still undergo the training without sacrificing their jobs. These students are also provided with the best training from renowned clinical instructors since the class size is very small. Each participant will be supervised and guided all throughout the program, and they can easily approach their instructors for any help. Nonetheless, the cost of the training is $1,200 which can be paid in full or in two payment schemes. The tuition fee includes the cost of background check, books, and courses. Students will be responsible for their transportation costs, uniforms, and medical supplies. They also have to make sure that they meet the grade requirement for graduation to be qualified for the certification exam.


Students who have completed these state-approved CNA classes in Denver will be allowed to take the certification test. In line with state regulations, many CNA classes offer a minimum of 80 hours of combined classroom work and clinical training. Applicants will be expected to write a test in both fields designed to assess their knowledge and practical skills. Students will only be licensed if they successfully pass both tests. Individuals who are unable to pass the test after three attempts will be expected to re-enroll for more CNA training in Denver.


CNAs in Denver have a lot of job opportunities. They can work in various capacities within healthcare facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals, and hospices among other options. The average annual income for CNAs employed in Colorado is $27,000. Experienced certified nursing assistants with active licenses can earn as much as $30,000 while inexperienced CNAs earn lower incomes with a starting salary of roughly $20,000. There are over 18,000 nursing assistants in Colorado, making it the 30th ranked state based CNA population. With the continued advancement in medical treatment and the growing population of the elderly citizens, the job demand for CNAs is expected to increase even more over the next decade.

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