CNA Classes In Detroit MI

If you have ambitions to be a certified nursing assistant, there are a number of steps to follow in your quest to becoming this and there are also programs and a knowledge base that you need to have to become efficient in your quest. Usually the nursing assistant is involved in a number of medical activities that involves directly dealing the patients. Some of the services include; handling the aged, changing the cloths of patients who are unable to do so, bathing of patients and so on. There are predictions that the need for these medical practitioners would increase in the future and a lot of people seem to be going the way of the nursing assistant.

Arguably, some of the highest paid registered certified nursing assistants (CNA) in the US today are those working in the state of Michigan. Last year’s data revealed that Detroit CNAs could pin an average monthly salary of about $30,000. It is hence not surprising that one of the growing sectors today in the state are those schools offering CNA classes in Detroit. Indeed, with the lucrativeness of the job and the horde of benefits attached to it, more members of the labor force are growing interested in this medical career.

Certification Requirements

In general, the MDCH lists the following requirements for being a Detroit Nursing Assistant as specific for the state’s CNA programs: First, you must be accepted in a school offering CNA classes. A Grade 8 reading and Math level is required. Second, just like in any other state, the law requires that you should be free of felony convictions and must actually present a criminal background check as one of the documentary requirements.

CNA Classes in Detroit MI

If you are in search of CNA classes in Detroit MI, these are a few institutions to consider;

Healthcare Solution and Career Group

One of the institutions offering CNA classes in Detroit MI is the Healthcare Solution and Career Group.

Health Care Solutions is a state-approved proprietary school that specializes in CNA training in Detroitoffering both day and evening classes. With a focus on compassionate and competent care, the two-week courses consist of lab sessions, clinical work, lectures and state exam preparation.

The payment system for courses in this institution is quite flexible. You can register for any course of your choice with a down payment of $300. The total tuition fee is about $575 (it includes clinical rotation) and it includes payments for text books. They offer two weeks training that prepares the participant for the Michigan certified nursing assistant examinations. The certification agency however charges a fee of $176.50. The courses/programs that they offer include; classroom teachings, great laboratory sessions, pre-exam review classes, clinical practicum.

Greater Horizon Training Institute

Another great institution that offers CNA classes in Detroit MI is the Greater Horizon Training Institute. They offer a three week program for $750. Their programs are designed to enhance the complete equipping of the trainee for the nursing profession. There are a few requirements that have to be met before admission is granted into the program. These include; criminal background checks and the need to have minor or no criminal charges at all, there is also a need to have clean slate on tuberculosis cases – a tuberculosis skin rest is also carried out. The minimum age for enrollment into the program is 18 years.

GHTI’s 90-hour training course is just one of many CNA programs in Detroit that prepares students to pass the state exam and begin entry-level work as a Certified Nursing Aide in hospitals, healthcare agencies and assisted living facilities. The day course is completed in 13 days of laboratory, lecture and clinical work, while students can complete evening courses in 19 days.

Hazy Institute

The Hazy Institute of Learning offers a two-week or three-week CNA training course to prepare students for the state certification exam. The school is approved by the State of Michigan for several healthcare training classes, and it offers day and evening classes at a 2-3 week rotation. Classes are filled on a first come, first served basis and the 75-hour course includes laboratory work, clinical rotation, clinical instruction, and exam preparation, as well as more specific training such as first aid, EKG technician, and phlebotomy.

Wayne Country Community College District

CNA classes in Detroit’s WCCCD cover skills and theory students need to be eligible for the state exam and to work as an entry level CNA through a 10 credit-hour course, which can be completed in seven weeks, 11 weeks, or 14 weeks. The class includes clinical hours with 128 hours spent in a laboratory and 52 hours completing hands-on care at a long-term healthcare facility. Students must earn at least a “C” average to be eligible for graduation.

The health solution and career group is yet another great institution that offers great trainings and CNA classes in Detroit MI.  They offer a two week intensive course training for the cost of $600 they basic requirements, as for a number of other training institutions include; a  tuberculosis skin test. The minimum age for entry into the program is 18 years. They can be visited at

Yet another great training institute offering CNA is the metro technical institute. They offer a 6 weeks program for $1000 and the requirements for acceptance into the program include; high school diploma or GED score results, little/minor or no criminal records, drug tests, tuberculosis skin tests

Having a great institution to learn or train for a nursing assistance would eventually prove to be a wise choice for you and offer you great value for your money.

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