CNA classes in Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne is a city in Indiana. It is sometimes called as an American Midwest which offers a lot of good promises. You get ample job opportunities, good wages, career growth and unique communities to begin with.  Also, this is a great place to begin your CNA career.  According to statistics, there will be an expected shortage in medical professionals in the years to come which is why there is a need for them and thus it is a good investment to enroll in CNA classes in Fort Wayne.

CNA classes in Fort Wayne

In accordance to the Indiana Department of Health, the CNA classes in Fort Wayne should have 30 hours for lecture classroom traditional classes and 75 hours for hands on training experience which is a minimum requirement for a total of 105 hours. This is a prerequisite requirement prior to taking the board examinations for the nurse aide in Indiana.

Due to a strong need for CNA professionals, there is a need for pre registration of the person for mandatory credentials in the exam. Aside from that, there is a need for background criminal check. Also, you need to also submit a health check up with full immunization listing.

CNA courses in Fort Wayne

Training and education is the primary step towards your goal to becoming a CNA in Fort Wayne. There are a lot of CNA courses in Fort Wayne which will aid you towards your dreams coming to reality. You need to make sure that it is accredited by the Indiana Board of Nursing. You can check out the lists in the CNA training sites. The following are some of the institutions which have CNA courses in Fort Wayne:

Anthis Career Center

Anthis Career Center offers a 105-hour CNA classes in Fort Wayne IN, Indiana. The classes provide instruction in nurse aide regulations, occupational therapy, patient care, resident rights and much more. In order to apply for acceptance into the school, individuals must be a high school senior 17 years of age or older. Teachers must provide references and an essay is also required.

Ivy Tech at Fort Wayne

Ivy Tech at Fort Wayne– The CNA program at Ivy Tech is not on-campus, rather online. The online CNA classes consist of 128 hours of training, with only a total of 7 hours required on the school campus. Clinical training is conducted inside of a local long-term care facility. Interested individuals must be at least 17 years of age to apply and able to pass a criminal background check.

Omega Healthcare Systems Health Education Center

Omega Healthcare Systems Health Education Center  is located on Oxford Street in Fort Wayne. Their CNA program offers 105 hours of state-approved training. During this training, both clinical and classroom time is provided, with 30 hours in the classroom and the remaining 75 in clinical training. Students who attend Omega are trained by professional individuals in the healthcare field, ensuring that you are fully prepared to sit in for the state exam and earn certification and a spot on the Indiana Nurse Aide registry.

Omega’s CNA class is taught on the weekends so that everyone can earn their training while still maintaining their busy lifestyle. Program training lasts for 7 weeks, and the state exam must be taken within 12 months of completion.

MJS College

MJS College is located in nearby Merrillville, Indiana. Those who have a high school diploma or GED may apply for admission into the CNA program. The training consists of five-weeks of classroom and clinical programming provided by a Registered Nurse. Cost to attend the CNA training is $750, fees that include both uniforms and the state exam fee.

Classes take place Monday through Friday, with Friday the clinical days. Usually training is from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

In order to attend MJS, students must be able to pass a physical exam and pass a TB skin test. It is also required that individuals must be caring and compassionate in order to provide the best care to the patients they’ll soon be serving.

First Crown Health Care

It is known to be the first institution which offers CNA courses in Fort Wayne.  It has 30 hours of lecture and 75 hours of clinical training exposure. It is also approved by the Indiana Department of Health.

Ivy Tech Community College

This is a famous institution which will give you the cutting edge when it comes to quality education and honing your training experience. Here, you will never go wrong.

Free CNA classes in Fort Wayne

There are actually a lot of Free CNA classes in Fort Wayne. You can get it via finding an employer to shoulder your academic experience. There are employers who own medical facilities which you can find in Fort Wayne who are willing to shoulder the expenses and allow you to have the privilege of having Free CNA classes in Fort Wayne.  The following are some of the medical facilities which you can find here which include St. Joseph Hospital, Dupont Hospital and Parkview Hospital.

You can also avail of scholarship grants or loan grants from academic institutions found in Fort Wayne. In checking of the listings of the institutions which allows you to have such academic scholarship or loan grants, you can visit the Indiana Department of Health for more details.

If you would like to work as a CNA in Fort Wayne Indiana, you must first obtain the proper training. Luckily the training for a Nurse Assistant is usually attained within just a few weeks, allowing you to take the state exam for certification and begin your new career quickly. CNA classes in Fort Wayne IN, Indiana usually take place inside of nursing homes, vocational centers and high schools, though there are colleges that also provide the training.

While there are many available options for the training, not all classes will provide you the quality training that makes you the best. If you are ready to take the first step and earn your Nurse Assistant certification, here are some of the best in Fort Wayne.

Get your Fort Wayne CNA Classes in Indiana today!

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