CNA classes in Greensboro NC

As a CNA, you’ll have the opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of individuals on a daily basis. Those in nursing homes, hospitals and other healthcare facilities depend on the amazing services that a CNA can provide. Certified Nursing Assistants provide patients with a variety of services including feeding, bathing and grooming, changing IVs, record-keeping and more. But, before you can open your heart and hands to these patients you must first enroll in CNA classes in Greensboro NC.

It is required that CNAs in Greensboro successfully complete classroom and clinical training consisting of programs ranging in duration from 4 to 6 weeks. A number of schools offer CNA training but not all of them will have you fully prepared for the state exam to follow. Check out these amazing CNA classes in Greensboro NC if you are ready to step into the healthcare field without spending years in school.

Guilford Technical Community College

Training at Guilford provides students hands-on instruction covering one semester of time. Once the coursework has been successfully completed, students must complete the North Carolina state exam in order to receive their license. The CNA program requires a $203 registration fee as well as additional money for books and other supplies such as TB vaccine, scrubs and blood pressure cuff and stethoscope. In order to attend the nursing assistant program at GTCC, you must submit high school transcripts, negative TB results and any prior college credits that you may have.

Monolia’s Training Academy

Monolia’s is a state approved facility offering an 8-week CNA training program. During this two month period, students are able to learn from some of the finest instructors in the state. Cost of the program is $540. To apply for the CNA program, complete an online application and mail it to the facility. You’ll be contacted during the next session start, taking place four times per year.

Priority Nursing Academy

Another top CNA school in Greensboro, Priority Nursing Academy offers an exciting 20 hour program designed for adults who are looking to work in the healthcare field but cannot dedicate years to training. At a cost of $504 for the course, the school offers affordable training by great instructors. Once the 20 hours of classroom work has been completed, it is still necessary to take the state exam, which is a cost not included in regular tuition fees.

As a CNA, you can go to work each day knowing that someone will truly appreciate all that you do for them. You’ll feel great inside and enjoy every single minute that you are at work. In addition to finding rewards within yourself, CNA jobs in Greensboro offer many other benefits as well, including an average pay of $26,005 per year, retirement, health and life insurance, vacation, holidays, sick days and more.

Carefully examine the available CNA classes in Greensboro NC and choose the best school for your needs. Then you can begin working towards earning your certificate and helping all those around you.