CNA Classes In Hampton Roads

Working as a CNA allows an individual to get their foot in the door to an amazing career in healthcare. CNAs are caring, compassionate individuals who make a world of difference in the lives of patients, assisting with duties such as bathing and grooming, feeding, medications and more. Becoming a CNA is quite simple as there are numerous CNA schools in Hampton Roads available to provide the training and skills necessary to hold the position. Some of the most popular CNA classes in Hampton Roads include the following:

New Horizons Career & Technical Education Center

New Horizons, located in Newport News, offers a one-year CNA program. The training is provided through a local nursing home with Vanessa Howell providing instruction. Good attendance and grades in high school are necessary for those who are interested in enrolling. Class costs $540, plus additional fees for scrubs, equipment and other necessary items. Upon graduation of the program, students must successfully complete the state exam in order to receive certification.

Riverside Health Center

Riverside wants only the best individuals working for them, and after their 4-week CNA training class, you will be the best CNA. Those with big hearts who enjoy working in healthcare are the perfect candidates for this training program. Two-weeks of classroom training is provided along with two-weeks of clinical training. Classes are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. If you are considering furthering your education, this is one of the perfect CNA classes in Hampton Roads for you!

Virginia Health Services

Another great choice for individuals interested in becoming a CNA, the four-week program offered through Virginia Health Services aims to please. Monday through Friday classes are offered at six different locations in the Hampton Roads area, all of which are taught by qualified instructors who care about your success. Once the program is complete take the state exam and may be offered a position with Virginia Health Services. It doesn’t get any better than that! The CNA program starts four times per year so there is a class available when you are ready.

Each of these schools offers the very best of training so that you can be the very best CNA in the state of Virginia! You cannot go wrong no matter which school you choose, but you must take the first step if you want to see the success you have dreamed of!

The average hourly pay for a CNA is $11.50 per hour. This average pay can increase as one gains more experience working in the field. Pay can also be affected by the facility in which you choose to work. With the average pay those who are employed as a CNA can expect many benefits to come their way as well, including retirement plans, holidays, vacation, sick pay, insurance and so much more. There is no career quite like that of a CNA! A CNA career is not that far away but you must choose a school and get started so not to waste any more time.

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