CNA Classes in Idaho

The demand for orderlies and nursing assistants is predicted to grow at no less than 15 percent 7 years from now. Aside from hospitals and clinics, these nursing assistants will be required to work in rehab centers, nursing homes, hospices, and long-term care facilities. Your journey starts with enrolling in one of the many CNA classes in Idaho state.

CNA Training in Idaho

Unlike other states, certified nursing assistants are not regulated in Idaho. Therefore, a CNA graduate is not required to take an examination and pass to obtain a certification. Nevertheless, a certificate is a great tool for a CNA as it allows him or her to apply for such job in other states where reciprocity is recognized.

A CNA program should allocate a total of 120 hours for training, 80 hours of which are meant for classroom and the rest for clinical experience. During on-site training, the nurse aide or assistant should be properly guided or facilitated by a registered nurse with an active license.

Though most trainings are conducted offline, some programs provide an online CNA course such as North Idaho College Workforce Training and Community Education. A number of colleges like Odessa College have less than 120 hours, but you can still use the credit hours if you want to pursue another health course where a CNA course is a prerequisite.

The CNA programs are available the entire year. However, institutions like College of Southern Idaho limit their seats, so early registration is necessary.

Free CNA Classes in Idaho

CNA students can get a lot of financial support from the different health care facilities in the state. Many nursing homes are willing to provide free CNA training to their present employees. Others, on the other hand, reimburse school expenses partially or completely once you are already hired. Some of the nursing homes you can check out are Discovery Care Center of Salmon, Boise Samaritan Village, Idaho Falls Care Center, Nampa Care Center, Bingham Extended Care Facility, and Valley View Retirement Community.

Also, keep in mind that based on the federal rules, if you are hired by a facility under Medicare/Medicaid within a year after you have completed your Idaho CNA classes, you can take advantage of reimbursement.

If you need more leads, you can visit the Department of Health and Welfare. Those who have graduated high school but have no means to proceed to college or earn a certificate can apply in Idaho Job Corps. It offers both academic and career training, as well free accommodation and food. The organization, further, assists CNA graduates when looking for a job. Further, try applying for work-study programs sponsored by the state, the federal government, or the school itself.