CNA Classes in Indianapolis

Becoming a CNA professional in Indianapolis has its own great benefits. Indianapolis is located in Indiana which is a city that has a strong demand for CNA professionals. It has an anticipated growth in CNA professionals in the future. Approximately there is a 20 to 30 percent increase in demand for such profession which is the reason behind the growing CNA classes in Indianapolis.  You can never go wrong when you opt to enroll and choose this profession in Indianapolis. Aside from the fact that it has a high job opportunity, its salary is also something to consider.

Most entry-level Certified Nursing Assistants in Indianapolis earn $19,500 a year. However, because of the fast growth of the industry and the many opportunities available, it is easy to reach over $30,000, which is one of the highest salaries for CNAs in city. To get to that point however, enrolling in one of the many CNA classes in Indianapolis is the first step. Below you will find a breakdown of the CNA training that’s required in order to become certified in Indiana State. Additionally, you will find information on free CNA classes that are available in the city, as well as a listing of popular CNA schools that you can contact.

Indianapolis CNAs have to attend state-approved trainings that run for about 105 hours. This is equivalent to 3 weeks or a few months, depending on the available schedule. Around 30 hours are used for classroom instruction.

The recommended minimum age for students is 18 years old. Also, they should have passed the reading comprehension exam, criminal background check, and tuberculosis skin test. Most of the institutions have already included basic life support training or CPR into the curriculum, thus extending the training hours. The average tuition fee is $800, including manuals, textbooks, and CPR certification.

All students are strongly advised to attend all the class schedules as well as the CNA orientation. Others give students at least two absences before they are officially dropped from the program.

Requrements for CNA Training

Successfully completing accredited CNA training in Indianapolis is a core requisite for taking the state certification test. During their CNA training, students learn more about their duties as a certified nursing assistant. Successful CNAs can work in various capacities within health facilities across the capital and other parts of the state. The state of Indiana also allows people to earn QMA CNA certifications. Individuals employed as QMAs (Qualified Medical Aide) have higher responsibilities.

Anyone can enroll for CNA training in Indianapolis provided that they are at least 18 and in possession of a high school diploma (or an acceptable equivalent). Students are also expected to have no criminal records, be proficient in English and capable of handling the physical demands of the profession.

CNA Schools in Indianapolis

The CNA courses in Indianapolis are being legally approved by the Indiana Department of Health. They should possess the important regulation mandated by the state of Indiana. There are a lot of great institutions that are approved and acknowledged by them which include:

Golden Living Training Center Nursing Assistant Course

This is a great training course which allows you to have the right kind of knowledge and will allow you to hone your skills. They are packed with the highly professional and knowledgeable professors who are willing to share their expertise in this chosen field.

CNA Institute of Indiana

Those who are aspiring to become a CNA professional, has come to the right institution. They are known to produce the best kind of CNA professionals in the state of Indiana.

Ivy Tech Community College

The Ivy Tech has campuses spread across the state, including Indiana. The College offers a CNA training program that is recognized by the State department of Health. The Ivy Tech CNA program is designed to cover essential topics such as- safety, infection control, patient rights, CPR, first aid, personal care, nursing and support, nursing communication.

As well as its training program, Ivy Tech also administered the CNA test (Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation and Medication Aide Final Examination) for the state. This exam is available to students who successfully complete the program within the college as well as those who have met the mandated coursework requirement for CNAs.

50 W. Fall Creek Parkway
North Drive
Indianapolis, Indiana 46208

Nurse Aide Training Center
1815 North Meridian Street
Suite 300
Indianapolis, Indianapolis 46202

RESQ Health and Safety Training
6845 S. Madison Ave Suite I
Indianapolis, Indiana 46227
(317) 786-7260

6612 E. 75th Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46250
(317) 845-0300

The CNA classes in Indianapolis are being regulated by the Indiana Licensing Agency which has the abbreviation of IPLA. Aside from that, the institution has to be approved by the Indiana Board of Nursing. The educational training will have to have 70 hours of clinical exposure training and 30 hours of classroom lecture.

CNA Certification Exam

Before taking the Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation and Medication Aide Final Examination, applicants are expected to have completed a minimum of a100 hours of CNA training in Indianapolis. This is divided as 30 hours of classroom work and 70 hour of clinical.After working as a CNA for 1000 hrs, applicants can aspire towards becoming QMA CNAs. To qualify for this, they will need to complete an additional 100 hours of training. The additional training is divided as 40 hours of clinical and 69 hours of classroom work.

There are two parts involved in the CAN examination: a written and clinical test. Candidates are expected to pass those successfully. Any candidate who fails to pass the exam after three attempts will be required to reenroll for CNA training in Indianapolis again. CNA applicants must also pass a criminal background check.

 When you pass, your name will register in the Indiana Nurse Aide Registry. For more details you can check in the Indiana CNA Certification and Licensing page of

Job Expectations

Indiana employs close to 2% of the country’s certified nursing aides. It is ranked 15th in terms of CNA employment and 34th on the annual CNA income ranking. In 2010, the annual income of CNAs ranges from $18,000 to $35,000. The lowest income range is found with CNAs employed as caregivers. The average annual income of certified nursing assistants in Indianapolis is $24,000. This is lower than the other salaries of some states around the country.

According to estimates from the U.S Bureau of Statistics, the employment of CNAs is expected to increase by 20% over the next decade, with nursing homes requiring more attendants and orderlies. This makes it the fastest growing occupation in the country.

CNA Certification and Renewal

Certified nursing assistants are expected to renew their certificates every 24 months. During this period, they are required to have been employed, working for a minimum of 8 hours. Applicants, who remained unemployed during the period, will be required to reenroll for CNA training in Indianapolis in other to be considered.