CNA classes in Iowa

For the past few years, Certified Nursing Assistants in Iowa have been receiving at least $20,000 annually or around $10 per hour. After graduating from one of the many CNA classes in Iowa state, they get to work in a variety of health care settings. This includes rehabilitation centers, hospices, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and hospitals. Being a CNA also allows them to pursue other health-related programs such as licensed practical nursing with great ease.

CNA Training in Iowa

Unlike a lot of states, the CNA program in Iowa is not licensed. There’s no designated state agency that develops the guidelines and oversees CNA schools. However, anyone who likes to be a CNA is strongly advised to enroll in a good program and then take the competency exam later. The certification can be very helpful once the student decides to look for a CNA job in another state. Passing the certification means being included in the state registry for nursing aides.

The training requirements in Iowa are easy: while most states need over 100 hours of classroom and clinical work, Iowa demands only 90 hours, of which 30 hours are allotted for clinical experience or personal interaction with the patients in selected health care settings. During this time, a registered nurse with at least 2 years of experience serves as a facilitator and a supervisor.

To be accepted in a CNA program, a potential student needs to be at least 16 years old. A high school student may be allowed to enroll as long as he is recommended by his career counsellor. His proficiency level in English should not fall below 6th grade.

The entire program normally runs between 2 months and 4 months, with at least 30 to 150 hours per week. The first few weeks may be allocated for classroom while the rest may be for clinical work.

CNA classes in Iowa are offered for adults who want to work in healthcare but do not have years to spend in college. Most CNA classes can be completed in a matter of weeks, though the actual amount of time that it takes will vary according to the school chosen. Working as a CNA allows you to provide hands-on care to patients inside of nursing homes, hospitals and many other healthcare settings. It is a job that you will be proud to hold, as well as one that far exceeds all of your expectations. From Des Moines to Mason City, an array of schooloptions is available for all. A few of the very best CNA classes in Iowa include the following:

Iowa Lakes Community College

Iowa Lakes Community College offers a state-approved 70 hour CNA course that prepares students to take the state exam and become a CNA. Classes begin every 6 weeks, and financial aid is offered for those who qualify. Students must attend 67 of the 70 hours of training to successfully complete the course. No refunds are granted for students who do not meet this requirement. The cost of the CNA class is $505, though there are additional fees for supplies, books, etc. The Iowa Lakes Community College CNA training is offered in Estherville, Algona, Spencer and Spirit Lake.

Ellsworth Community College

Ellsworth Community College is another top choice for those who wish to become a CNA. The program offered through this school provides graduates with a certificate upon completion of one semester of classroom work and clinical studies. Ellsworth is located in Iowa Falls, and students who qualify can participate in the financial aid program to help ease the costs of attending. The cost of this program is minimal for those who do not qualify for financial aid assistance.

Iowa Valley Community College

Iowa Valley Community College offers a great CNA program for those interested in becoming a nurse assistant. There are two phases of the program designed to meet the 155 hours needed to become a CNA in the state. Both classroom and clinical/lab training are offered during the two phases of the program. Students are responsible for supplying their own uniform and other supplies while enrolled in the class. Classes start at Iowa Valley several times throughout the year, any of which can provide the best of training and instruction.

Free CNA Classes in Iowa

A CNA that is part of the nurse aide registry may receive reimbursement of his program expenses such as tuition fees and materials like books if he gets accepted or is offered a job by a health care facility not less than 12 months after graduating from the program and passing the competency exam.

The state also has a job corps in Denison that offers free CNA career training for the less fortunate youth between 16 and 24 years old. If language proficiency still needs improvement, the agency also gives academic training in reading and writing. A CNA student of the Denison job corps also enjoys free accommodation and meals, as well as financial and moral assistance after graduation.

You can also obtain a job in a health care facility prior to undergoing the training as a volunteer or a part-time staff. Many of them pay for the training of potential CNAs in vocational schools and community colleges.

No matter which CNA classes in Iowa you choose to attend, you can count on receiving a quality education by some of the best CNA instructors in the state, enabling you to take the state exam with complete confidence. Once training has been completed you are ready to take the state exam and soon begin working in a career that you will love. But, you must take the first step to earn that degree, and that means contacting one of the above schools and starting as quickly as you can! With all of the benefits that are offered, it only makes sense to begin training as quickly as possible.