CNA Classes In Knoxville TN

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is one of the most stable professions these days. In Knoxville, Tennessee, several healthcare facilities are hiring nursing assistants because of the increasing elderly population. The demand will continue to grow over time as more and more people are seeking healthcare services. For this reason, living and working in Knoxville as a healthcare provider is a great idea. No matter how tough the economy will be in the coming years, being a Certified Nursing Assistant will give career stability and better pay.

Individuals who are planning to become a nursing assistant has to undergo a state-approved training. The State Department of Health and the Board of Nursing often has the final say on the number of hours required to become eligible for the certification exam. However, most CNA training programs combine classroom instruction with hands-on clinical practice. It is essential for all aspiring nursing assistants to check their school whether it has been approved or accredited by the Tennessee Board of Nursing before they plan to enroll. Getting an admission to a wrong institution can be a waste of time, money, and effort. Apart from that, you will not be allowed to take the licensing test and work as a CNA in different healthcare settings.

Nevertheless, finishing the CNA training program and becoming certified as nursing assistants will open many opportunities in the healthcare field. It can also be a perfect stepping stone to pursue an advanced nursing program, especially that the demand is high across all healthcare professions.

Free CNA Classes in Knoxville, Tennessee

Financial constraints are not a problem in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. Nowadays, a lot of schools, government agencies, private institutions, and even healthcare facilities are providing free CNA training to interested and qualified individuals. These programs are offered to entice more people to get into the program and work as a healthcare provider in the state. It has been predicted that the need for nursing assistants will grow over time that is why having more people to undergo such training will be a massive help to the community and the state in general.

Schools are often the best places to secure a free CNA training program in Knoxville. They accept funds from outside sources to help those aspiring nursing assistants finish the program without paying anything. If you do not want to miss this opportunity, you can check their Financial Aid Office and apply for scholarships or grants available for CNA students.

In addition to that, free CNA training is also available through Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and Job Corps. You can check its availability and apply as soon as possible. Lastly, healthcare facilities in Knoxville, Tennessee are also reliable sources of free CNA training. These medical settings need several nursing assistants that is why they are offering no-cost instructions to those who are qualified and who are willing to work for them in return.

With the popularity of CNAs nowadays, it is not difficult to find free nursing assistant classes. However, you have to be patient in searching for one, and be more persistent to become a Certified Nursing Assistant for free.

CNA Courses in Knoxville, Tennessee

Many schools are offering CNA training programs in Knoxville and its surrounding areas. Most of these CNA classes in Knoxville TN provide training in a matter of weeks, not years as some healthcare positions require. Although there are many choices, some are better than others. The top institutions for students wishing to enroll in a CNA program in Knoxville are the following;

American Red Cross in Knoxville

American Red Cross- Knoxville offers an exciting CNA program. The classes meet four to five days per week, with a total of five-weeks required for program completion. Daytime and nighttime classes are both offered, with new classes taking place throughout the year. Students who attend the ARC for Nurse Assistant training participate in classroom training, lab training, clinical and CPR training. They will also have an opportunity to be trained by the best clinical instructors who have years of experience in the medical field.

The CNA training program in the American Red Cross has a small class size. Students receive an individualized attention and one-on-one training on various skills. They can also benefit from the state of the art facilities and equipment that the Red Cross provides. In addition to that, classes are also taught through various teaching strategies which enable the students to remember all the nursing concepts and skills they need to perform in the certification exam and future employment.

There may be scholarships or grants available in the American Red Cross for CNA students, but it is essential to check it first before anything else. This healthcare institution has been producing several nursing assistants who are competent and highly qualified. Thus, if you want to be a product of American Red Cross, you can inquire about their admission process and enroll as early as possible so you can reserve a seat.

Shannondale Healthcare Center

Shannondale Healthcare Center is a retirement community located in Knoxville. The facility is always in need of caring hearts to help provide care to their patients. For this reason, they offer a CNA training program with potential work placement upon graduation. Students who attend a CNA training at Shannondale receive 120 hours of training. After the training, the state exam is administered. An 80% or better is required on the state exam. Cost of the tuition at Shannondale varies according to many factors, though the average price of education is $778.

If you are willing to work in this facility after becoming certified, you can apply for their free or sponsored CNA training. This program is not offered to everyone, but it can be a perfect opportunity to start a career in nursing right away. Just like other CNAs, you will be paid a competitive salary and receive excellent employee benefits. You only have to make sure that you work in their facility for a specified period to avoid repaying the costs of the CNA training you avail.

Tennessee Technology Center at Knoxville

Tennessee Technology Center at Knoxville is a premier CNA training facility offering quality education in a short amount of time. Students attending TTC at Knoxville receive the training needed to become a great CNA and further their career later down the line if they choose. TTC at Knoxville’s CNA program is available both during the day and the evening. The daytime program consists of 106 hours of training while the night time class consists of 126 hours. Cost of the program is $800, although only $425 is due at the time of registration.

Scholarships, loans, and grants may be available for CNA students in TTC, but you can check it out through their Financial Aid Office. The Certified Nursing Assistant training program in this school is also limited to some participants. If you wish to get into the training, you must be at least 17 years old on the date of application and 18 years at the time of the certification exam. You also have to undergo and pass a criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing. Passing all these selections are very important to study the course and sit for the licensing exam. Any discrepancy will lead you to an exclusion to the program.

Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Knoxville

Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Knoxville has a Nursing Aide program which trains the students to provide direct care to patients or residents in a healthcare facility. The course has 120 hours of instruction and class schedules are available in the morning and evening. Students who have jobs can still undergo the training and complete it within two months. The CNA training program of Tennessee College of Applied Technology is available several times a year, and interested students can take anytime they want. A full-time commitment is necessary to graduate, but the school will ensure that individuals who completed the training will become successful in the state certification exam.

The Nurse Aide program has a small class size to facilitate a more individualized attention. Prospective applicants for this healthcare course must be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. A criminal background check and appropriate health screening are also required for the program. Nonetheless, those who are accepted into the training will have an opportunity to be trained by the best clinical instructors who have years of experience in the medical field. Students can also enjoy the fully-equipped classrooms and simulation labs where they can practice various skills before going into a hands-on clinical practice.

The cost of the Nurse Aide program at Tennessee College of Applied Technology is $438 and textbooks, as well as supplies, will take around $282. Students can seek for scholarships or grants at the Financial Aid Office, but these tuition assistance programs are often limited.

 Compassionate Care Technical Center, Inc.

Compassionate Care Technical Center, Inc. offers a state-approved Certified Nursing Assistant program which has 96 hours of instruction, divided into 78 hours of classroom instruction and 18 hours of clinical practice. Students in the program receive theoretical instruction and classroom lab practice before providing care to patients or residents at a clinical facility. They will be trained by a licensed nurse to make them competent and well-equipped with knowledge, skills, and experience. The CNA training program is approved by the Tennessee Board of Nursing. Thus, graduates become eligible for the certification exam.

The Certified Nursing Assistant program has a small student to teacher ratio. The limited class size allows for a more personalized instruction. Students who are unable to secure a seat in training can register as soon as the classes are available. Spaces are often open after orientations start or before the class starts. Individuals who are interested in the CNA training should be at least 16 years of age. A high school diploma or GED is not required in the admission process, but applicants have to take an Ability to Benefit Test if they do not have these credentials.

Compassionate Care Technical Center, Inc. provides quality CNA training to individuals who are interested in starting a career in nursing. The program is rigorous, and attendance is mandatory to graduate in the program. Students should also meet the minimum grades to receive a certificate of completion from the nursing assistant training program.

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