CNA Classes In Knoxville TN

Would you like to work as a CNA? There are many different schools offered in which you can earn a CNA certificate in a fast amount of time if you live in Knoxville or the surrounding areas. Most of these CNA classes in Knoxville TN offer training in a matter of weeks, not years as some healthcare positions require. Although there are many choices for schools, some are better than others. The top choices for students wishing to enroll in a CNA program in Knoxville include the following schools and classes.

American Red Cross- Knoxville

The Knoxville chapter of the American Red Cross offers an exciting CNA program. The classes meet four to five days per week, with a total of five-weeks required for program completion. Daytime and nighttime classes are both offered, with new classes taking place throughout the year. Students who attend the ARC for Nurse Assistant training participate in classroom training, lab training, clinicals and CPR training. The Knoxville ARC is located on Middlebrook Pike.

Ben Atchley Veteran’s Home

A nursing home dedicated to providing veterans with the care they need, they also offer CNA training for individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of those who have served our country. The program consists of six-weeks of training, after which time a position may be available within the nursing home facility.

Shannondale Healthcare Center

Shannondale is a retirement community located in Knoxville. The facility is always in need of caring hearts to help provide care to their patients. For this reason, they offer a CNA training program with potential work placement upon graduation. Students who attend Shannondale to earn their degree receive 120 hours of training. After the training the state exam is administered. An 80% of better is required on the state exam. Cost of the tuition at Shannondale varies according to many factors, though the average price of tuition is $778.

Tennessee Technology Center at Knoxville

TTC at Knoxville is a premier CNA training facility offer quality education in a short amount of time. Students attending TTC at Knoxville receive the training needed to become a great CNA and further their career later down the line if they choose. TTC at Knoxville’s CNA program is available both during the day and the evening. The day time program consists of 106 hours of training while the night time class consists of 126 hours. Cost of the program is $800, although only $425 is due at the time of registration.

No matter which CNA classes in Knoxville TN are chosen, you can expect to receive the best of training available, enabling you to prepare for the state exam and earn your certification in a quick time period. The schools above are sure to provide you with just what you want and need. Within the next few months, you could graduate and be working in a career that you love!

Contact the above schools and find out how you can be one of the next to earn a CNA degree in Knoxville. You will be glad that you did!

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