CNA Classes in Las Vegas NV

Las Vegas is a city that is found in Nevada, United States. It is known for its casino games and beautiful sights. Recently, it has been having shortage of CNA professionals which is the reason why there are more and more CNA classes in Las Vegas. Becoming a CNA professional in Las Vegas is a good thing because you get to enjoy the benefits you get from this profession. It has a competitive salary to start with. It also has more job opportunities in this kind of medical field. Aside from that, those people who embark this kind of profession will enjoy a much rewarding career and a fast paced job.

Colleges hosting CNA training in Las Vegas offer an effective first step in the journey towards becoming a CNA. The average Las Vegas CNA training programs take about 6 weeks to complete. People may however choose to apply enroll for accelerated certification programs which can be completed within two weeks. Individuals who successfully complete their CNA training in Las Vegas can work in health facilities such as hospitals alongside nurses and doctors.

Educational Prerequisites

Programs offering CNA training in Las Vegas require that students meet certain prerequisites before they are admitted. Students are expected to display proficiency in English, be at least 18 and have a minimum of a high school diploma. A criminal background check is also done. Candidates can discover if they are eligible for CNA training in Las Vegas by downloading an application from the State’s nursing board homepage. There are dozens of centers that offer approved CNA programs in Nevada.

CNA classes in Las Vegas

According to the Nevada Department of Health,the CNA classes in Las Vegas should have a mandated and approved number of hours of training and lecture before taking the licensure examination. Those who will take the examination should have their name appeared in the approved list before one applies to the available CNA training program. The Nevada Board of Nursing have a listing of these things to aid you.

Compared to other states, there is only a minimum required hours for study which is around 75 hours as mandated by the Federal Government of Nevada. The 75 hours is divided into clinical classroom lecture hours and clinical hands on training hours. When you plan to enroll in this kind of field, you need to pass the criminal background and health status examination with TB results as well as the high school diploma. These are vital requirements that one should pass and consider to do prior to attending the CNA classes in Las Vegas.

Education and training is important matter to consider when you enroll in CNA courses in Las Vegas. You have to make sure that they follow the regulation mandated by the Nevada Department of Health. Some of the institutions which you can choose from are:

 The College of Southern Nevada

This institution caters to people who are passionate and devoted to become a successful CNA professional some day. They have the best training and education there is in the city of Las Vegas.

The College of Southern Nevada offers an Open entry Nursing Assistant certification program. During the CNA training program, students are trained to work as nurses. The program cover a wide range of courses designed to prepare them for the Las Vegas CNA examination. Las Vegas CNA classes include courses such as:

  • First and CPR
  • Care of patient
  • Ethics
  • Hygiene and patient comfort
  • Observing and monitoring patients
  • Fire Safety
  • Infection Control
  • Medical terminology
  • How to check for vital signs

Before being admitted for the program, students are required to undergo a drug test as well as a physical examination. Students are also required to present proof of CPR certifications. Classes are offered over the spring, summer and fall. The college also assists students who plan on applying for the NNACE (National Nurse Aid Competency Exam) after completion of their CNA training.

Nevada Certification Requirements

Las Vegas CNA training programs run for a minimum of 75 hours and involve both clinical and class courses. During the clinical phase, students are required to work under the supervision of a registered nurse in clinical settings. Individuals who successfully complete the CNA training in Las Vegas can apply to write the state exam. The Nevada CNA test is divided into two parts, both of which must be passed. Students, who fail the exam, may apply to retake the exam. If the test is failed three times, students will be advised to reenroll at another center offering CNA training in Las Vegas.

Job Expectation For CNAs in Las Vegas

Nevada is ranked 46th with one of the lowest employment ratios in the country. There are approximately 4,890 certified nursing aids within the state. Nevada however offers the 2nd highest income for CNAs in the country with an annual wage range of $22,400 to $42,100 and hourly wages ranging from $10 to $20. The average salary range of Las Vegas CNAs is $31,000. With the improvement in modern health care facilities, the U.S Bureau of statistics estimates that the job outlook for CNAs will increase by 20% over the next decade.

CNA Certification Renewal and Reciprocity

In line with federal laws, CNA certifications must be renewed every 2 years. Aides must show evidence of being gainfully employed during this period. Individuals with certifications from another state may apply to have their certifications transferred to Nevada pending the decision of the board. Applicants will need to provide details such as fingerprints and their proof of residency. A criminal background check may also be done for safety reasons.