CNA classes in Lincoln NE

Studying a CNA training program is a perfect stepping stone for a career in nursing. The fundamental skills and concepts learned during the training can create a solid foundation for any medical work. A lot of nurses start from being Certified Nursing Assistants. Thus, undergoing the training program is a good choice.

Nowadays, several healthcare settings like hospitals and skilled nursing facilities are hiring Certified Nursing Assistants who can provide primary care to patients or residents. This growing number of employment opportunities still exists due to the increasing demand for healthcare services from the elderly population. This is the reason why CNA training programs in Lincoln, Nebraska are also thriving.

The Role of a Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified Nursing Assistants have a considerable role to play in any healthcare facility. They are usually considered the primary healthcare providers who will ensure the safety and welfare of their patients or residents. Aside from that, CNAs work alongside with doctors and nurses in performing various nursing procedures appropriate for their patient. Some facilities have different roles and responsibilities for their nursing assistants, but most of them are geared towards keeping the quality care rendered to their clients through patience, compassion, and a great sense of humor.

Among the key traits taught in any CNA training programs are;

  • Infection control
  • Monitoring patient vital signs, mental state, fluid intakes
  • CPR, first aid, and AED usage
  • Preparing patient meals and status reports
  • Use of medical equipment
  • Communication among peers
  • Abuse recognition
  • Proficiency in all appropriate medical language
  • Establishing and promoting patient or client independence

Licensing and Education Requirements

Apparently, you cannot become a Certified Nursing Assistant without having the proper training and license. In Lincoln, Nebraska, aspiring nursing assistants are required to complete an accredited CNA training program approved by the Department of Health. This program should have at least 75 hours of classroom instruction and 16 hours of practical or hands-on clinical practice. Schools and other approved healthcare facilities can offer more than the required number of hours for training, but they cannot provide a CNA class lower than that. Otherwise, graduates of their program will not be qualified for the state Nurse Aide exam.

Moreover, prospective participants of the CNA training program must pass the criminal background check, undergo a TB test, and get a physical exam before they are enrolled. They also need to have passing grades all throughout the training to graduate and receive a certificate in finishing a healthcare course. Individuals who passed the certification exam successfully will then be listed in the Nursing Assistant Registry which qualifies them to seek a CNA job in various medical settings.

Free CNA Classes in Lincoln, Nebraska

Due to the overwhelming demand of Certified Nursing Assistants in Nebraska and other states in America, several healthcare facilities and schools are offering free CNA training programs to qualified individuals who are interested in starting a career in nursing. These programs are created to entice more people to enter the healthcare field and become a provider of quality nursing services in the community.

Some of the free training offer an immediate employment to the facility sponsoring the program while others have no assurance of getting a job right away. Nevertheless, getting a free or sponsored state-approved CNA training programs is an excellent opportunity already to jumpstart a meaningful and rewarding career in the healthcare field. People can inquire at various online or offline publications to know some facilities are providing such training, but it is best to examine personally to get first-hand information about free CNA classes. Many schools are also offering tuition assistance to financially challenged students who belong to low-income families. They can avail these programs through the Financial Aid Office where scholarships, loans, and grants are provided.

State-approved CNA Training Programs

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant requires training from a state-approved healthcare facility or school. Most of them have varying admission requirements and training hours. Thus, prospective students should take note of these things to get into the program and start a career in nursing.

Bryan College of Health Sciences

For individuals who are interested in becoming a nursing assistant, Bryan College of Health Sciences offers a state-approved CNA training program which teaches the students the skills they need to enter in the healthcare field. With the successful completion of the program and competency examinations, you will become eligible for placement in the state of Nebraska Nurse Aide Registry. Completion of the CNA training course also fulfills the Nurse Aide requirement for the nursing and health professions programs of Bryan College of Health Sciences.

The CNA training program of Bryan College of Health Sciences provides a minimum of 76 hours of theoretical learning and clinical rotations. It also meets the state and federal requirements for the nursing assistant training courses. Prospective students who want to enter into this program must be at least 16 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They must be able to speak, write, and understand the English language and should pass the criminal background check, TB testing, and drug screening. There are only a few slots available in the CNA training. Thus, applicants are advised to meet the program requirements to avoid delays in enrolment.

Moreover, the cost of the CNA training program in Bryan College of Health Sciences is $499. This includes a student manual, student workbook, a $50 non-refundable deposit, and tuition for all classes. Students have to provide their medical supplies, uniforms, and transportation expenses. A complete attendance and meeting the required grades are also necessary to graduate and receive a certificate of completion.

Providence Health Career Institute

Providence Health Career Institute provides a bit of a different type of training, giving more flexibility in scheduling to busy adults. Enrolling in the Providence CNA course enables you to complete 36 of the 76 required hours of training on the web. The other 40 hours must be completed inside of the on-campus location. This is a significant advantage to anyone who needs to work, take care of the kids, etc. as you can complete the online courses at your leisure.

Students at Providence must pay a fee of $350 for this course. Once all of the hours have been successfully completed, it is up to the student to take the state exam for certification within a 30 day period. Despite the short training program for aspiring nursing assistants, Providence Health Career Institute ensures that their graduates are fully-equipped with knowledge, skills, and experience for the certification exam and potential employment.

The CNA training program is available all year round, and interested individuals have to meet the requirements to gain admission. Among the needed documents are high school diploma or GED equivalent, complete immunization record, results on TB screening and drug test, and a clear criminal background check result. Anyone with criminal liability or those who failed the health screenings will not be admitted to the CNA training program.

Southeast Community College

Southeast Community College is one of the best schools in Lincoln, Nebraska to offer a CNA class for interested individuals. Classes run for five months, after which time individuals can take the state exam to be included in the Certified Nurse Assistant Registry. The five months cover 100 hours of instruction, both classroom and clinical. The program teaches necessary nursing skills like feeding, bathing, toileting, ambulating, and transferring of patients. It also allows students to become prepared for the certification exam and future employment in various healthcare settings.

The CNA training program of Southeast Community College is a rigorous healthcare course that requires all students to attend the classes without absences. The clinical rotations take place in an affiliated healthcare facility with supervision from a licensed nurse. The college also provides a personalized instruction among its aspiring CNAs to facilitate a more in-depth instruction and skills training.

Furthermore, a high school diploma or GED equivalent is not required to enroll in the CNA training program, but prospective students must be at least 16 years old to apply. They also need to pass the criminal background check to prove that they have no criminal offense or conviction in the past. Participants of the CNA training program should also submit a proof of complete immunization record and results from TB testing and drug screening. Scholarships and grants may be available in Southeast Community College for economically disadvantaged students who wish to finish a CNA training program in their institution.

Clarkson College

Clarkson College offers an Omaha campus teaching CNA. However, classes are also provided at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital which has a total of 76 hours of training at the cost of $450. Unfortunately, financial aid is not accepted in this CNA training program.

Nevertheless, classes are available for those who are 16 years of age or older. A high school diploma or GED may not be needed to get into the program, but prospective students have to undergo and pass a criminal background check, drug screening, and a two-step Mantoux test. The CNA training program of Clarkson College aims to produce well-equipped nursing assistants who can deliver high-quality nursing services to patients with diverse healthcare needs.

The healthcare course starts with a comprehensive classroom instruction that covers several nursing topics like anatomy and physiology, infection control, fundamentals of nursing, medical terminologies, nutrition, and many others. This will then be followed by a skills training in a simulation lab and a hands-on clinical rotation in an affiliated healthcare facility. Graduates of the CNA training program will be qualified to sit for the certification exam and will be prepared for potential employment.

Clarkson College has produced many successful nursing assistants over the years. They have also created an excellent reputation in Lincoln, Nebraska for training the best healthcare professionals in the state. Interested applicants can visit the school’s admission office for more information about their CNA training. This kind of healthcare course may take a few weeks to finish, but it is often offered several times in a year.

Nebraska Methodist College

Nebraska Methodist College offers two different kinds of nursing assistant training programs. The first program is a four-week on-campus course that features small classes taught by several experienced clinical instructors who encourage their students a hands-on learning experience. The second option is a six-week online hybrid certificate program that emphasizes an online coursework wherein students are required to come to the campus once per week to become involved in various interactive learning activities. Both types of CNA training programs focus on all types of patient care. Particular attention is also given to the aging process including appropriate assessment of the emotional and physical aspects of aging, and promotion of the optimal well-being of the elderly population. After completing the CNA training program, graduates become eligible for the competency exam which allows them to be in the State of Nebraska Nurse Aide Registry.

Individuals who are interested in the CNA training program of Nebraska Methodist College must be at least 16 years old with no history of abuse or neglect. These prospective participants should be able to read, speak, write, and understand the English language, and be physically fit to lift at least 50 pounds. Moreover, the CNA training program has a small class size. People who want to gain admission are required to provide a proof of current immunizations and complete a health history form. The cost of the entire CNA program is $499 which includes textbook, workbook, BLS healthcare provider certificate, clinical and on-site state testing. Students are the response to their uniforms, medical supplies, and other training related expenses.

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