CNA Classes in Milwaukee

Milwaukee, which is located in Wisconsin, is known to have a burgeoning population as well as in dire need for Medical Professionals which are skilled and knowledgeable and has the right kind of expertise. Hence, when you enroll in CNA classes in Milwaukee you will not regret it. Here in Milwaukee, you can have numerous job opportunities waiting for you. Aside from that, it allows you to work in high growth and fast pace environment. Those who aspire to be a CNA professional can work in nursing homes, home care settings, clinics and hospitals.

The standard number of hours for CNA training in Milwaukee is 120, which is subdivided between classroom and clinical work. Students can choose their preferred schedule, which is typically quite flexible, from evenings, daytimes, weekends to weekdays. If the university or college is huge, the students may be required to move between multiple locations for rotations.

Some classes provide bilingual or Spanish lessons, but since the medium of instruction for CNA training is English, it’s important that students are also adept in such language. Depending on the school, students may be required to be a GED certificate holder or a high school graduate. The current tuition fee is between $700 and a few thousand dollars. Although quite steep at the higher end, students in these cases are already provided with most, if not all, of their needs, such as a CPR certification, nursing uniforms and textbooks.

Aside from colleges and universities, CNA training programs may also be provided by health care facilities and their tie-ups. A good example is Aurora Health Care, which has launched a community-based training program where classes are open to the public.

CNA classes in Milwaukee

Those who are planning to enroll into CNA classes in Milwaukee must be mindful of the regulations and rules imposed by the Wisconsin Department of Health. They are the ones who approve certain institutions that cater to CNA classes in Milwaukee. The approved educational training for CNA is 120 hours. The Wisconsin Board of Nursing have agreed upon that there should be no distance education. The most important thing to consider is that you should attend the classes and hands on training when you opt to have this kind of profession.

When you are done with the approved number of hours for educational training, you can now go about the licensure examination which comprises multiple choice written examination and manual skills assessment test. You actually have three attempts to pass this exam. If, however, by any chance you were not able to pass the exam at the third attempt, you need to undergo another CNA educational training. If you pass, however, your name will appear in the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry.

The first step to becoming a CNA professional is by merely enrolling into CNA courses in Milwaukee. There are a lot of state approved institutions which will give you the cutting edge, the right kind of experience as well as the needed knowledge facts which will help you with this kind of field. Some of the best known institution includes:

Aurora Health Care

 This is institution is a training provider as well as an employer. When you are done with the training program and pass the board and get your license, you can directly apply in this institution.

Quality Healthcare Options

They provide you with an in depth classes and training which will guide you on your pathway to success. They are part of the state approved institution which offers the best CNA training program in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Area Technical College
700 West State Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233
(414) 297-MATC

Amber House Incorporated
7414 West Hampton Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53216
(414) 393-9922

Community Healthcare Training Center
6815 West Capital Drive Suite 117
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53216
(414) 578-3132

Aurora Health Care
750 W. Virginia Street
PO Box 341880
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53234

Free CNA classes in Milwaukee

There are actually Free CNA classes in Milwaukee which you can get via employment or via the loan or scholarship grant. Certain training institutions offer loan or scholarship grants to their students who qualify for it and have submitted the requirements that they have imposed. You can check out the Wisconsin Board of Nursing for such grants.

You can also get a chance to be hired by key employers in Milwaukee. They usually own medical institutions which are shortage of CNA employers. This will be a great start and benefit for those who are going to this kind of profession. You get to study for free and work afterwards. Some of the famous medical institutions of which you can apply include Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin, Aurora Healthcare and Columbia St. Mary’s.

Young students that are a minimum of 16 years old can try applying at Milwaukee Job Corps. This facility provides not only free tuition for CNA training but also free food, accommodation, and even allowance. The center also supports students right after graduation through career counseling, job placement, and financial assistance should the student decide to move out of the facility. They can also ask their public school system if they currently offer a CNA program for high school students.

You can also start working in Medicare/Medicaid facilities, especially nursing homes and hospitals. If you are hired within 12 months after you are done with the training, you may be entitled to a reimbursement – but you also need to pass the CNA exam before you can get it. Some Medicare facilities also provide paid training to their employees.

If you are no more than 21 years old, you can find schools that give assistance according to the Workforce Investment Act. On the other hand, if you’re older and presently unemployed, you can try the Workforce Advantage. They either mount their own free trainings or recommend you to affordable, if not tuition-free CNA institutions.

Finally, under the Advance Now Wisconsin Strategic Economic Development, the state department is tasked to give vocational rehabilitation assistance, apprenticeship and re-employment services to its citizens, so be sure to check them out.