CNA classes in Orange County

An expected 23% growth rate for Nurse Assistants means you can train with confidence. CNAs work inside of long-term care facilities, nursing homes, hospitals and more. Their duties vary, but often include giving patients medications, assisting with bathing and grooming, feeding, taking vital signs and more. Orange County residents who want to work as a CNA must first complete three steps. First, they must attend a state-approved college for training. Second they must take the state exam, and finally they must be listed on the California Nurse Assistant Registry. The first step is the most important step, as the training that you receive will determine how well you do on the state exam as well as how you perform on the job.

Three of the best CNA classes in Orange County are listed below. You can choose to attend one of these or one of the other great schools in the area. As long as you attend, you are making a great step in the right direction.

Country Villa Health Services

Country Villa Health Services offers a great CNA classes in Orange County for all. The long-term care facility provides low-cost training to men and women who want to help others in their career. Their program is perfect for those who wish to further their careers or even individuals who simply want to work as a Nurse Aide.Costs for the training varies.

Qbics Career College

Qbics Career College is located on E. 17th Street in Santa Ana. They offer a 520 hour Nurse Assistant program that prepares students to take the California state exam and earn a certificate as a CNA. Qbics offers employment assistance upon graduation. The school is a favorite among those in Orange County, as students can always count on receiving quality training that takes them where they need to be. You must apply for admission into the college to be able to attend the Qbics Career College.

Country Villa Health Care Services

Country Villa Health Care Services wants individuals to receive the best possible CNA classes. They offer a Nurse Assistant program consisting of four-weeks of trainingin both classroom and clinical settings. Country villa is located in Laguna Hills. Those who successfully complete the program may be offered employment once they have obtained their state certification.

Once you have attended one of the above training institutes, you can expect to earn a salary of around $13.00 per hour, the average for CNAs in Orange County. With that pay comes an array of other benefits as well, including vacations, retirement plans, excellent work conditions and more. Plus, knowing that you come to work and help those who need you the most is highly rewarding.

Though there are only three CNA classes in Orange County listed here, there are many others that can provide you with the needed CNA training. Carefully make your selection and you can count on receiving the best training possible. Those schools listed above ensure that their students receive quality instruction from the best of teachers.

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