CNA Classes in Orlando FL

Orlando Certified Nursing Assistants have the advantage of possessing one of the most stable jobs in today’s workplace. After enrolling and completing one of the CNA classes in Orlando, they are eligible for hiring by various health care facilities, including nursing homes, long-term care centers and hospitals. Many of them eventually proceed onto other nursing degrees such as Licensed Practical Nursing or Registered Nursing. CNAs in Orlando, Florida earn an average of approximately $27,000 a year, though the potential for higher pay increases if they work in large health care institutions. Nursing assistants also have the option of working in another state without having to take the competency test again, provided the state has a reciprocity agreement with Florida.

Are you interested in working as CNA in Orlando, Florida? If so you must know that training through a Florida approved school must be taken and a state exam successfully completed in order to earn certification. Luckily CNAs are in high demand in the city and there are many different facilities in which you can find training. The following list offers a glimpse at some of the best of those training centers.

Orlando, which is a city in Florida, is known to be home in a variety of industries. The famous industries which are known to be part of the booming industry in Orlando include tourism and hospitality.  Due to the immense number of visitors and residents in this city, there has been an overwhelming huge demand of medical practitioners such as CNA professionals.  Becoming a CNA professional, one must take the first step at enrolling in one of the CNA classes in Orlando. Being a CNA professional in Orlando is both a lucrative and rewarding career to embark upon.

CNA classes in Orlando

The Florida State recommends at least 120 hours of concentrated training for Certified Nursing Assistants. These include lectures, labs, and clinical work – where they perform duties and interact with patients while being supervised by an actively licensed Registered Nurse of the state. The state also allows CNAs to enroll in programs that are not officially regulated. They are, however, very thorough in background checks, and do not permit students with criminal records to practice the profession. Moreover, if students fail the exam three times, they have to enroll in a state-recognized training program in order to proceed.

There are exceptions to the trainings and exams. For example, CNAs from outside Florida state can work in Orlando as long as they have an active license in their previous location and have met the requirements of Florida. They are still subjected to a background check however. Note that medical nursing assistant and home health aide training does not count towards CNA class requirements since the previous two are unregulated professions.

Class durations are quite varied, though they tend to be longer if prep review is part of the curriculum or tuition package. Some schools also offer free training if you have failed the exam once. A typical CNA program in Orlando lasts between 3 to 5 weeks. Finally, with the growing trend for online studies, many schools also offer CNA training online.

The CNA courses in Orlando are being regulated by the Florida Department of Health. You need to be keen to the right kind of institution which will give you what you need to succeed in this profession. The following are some famous and well trusted training institution:

Gabriel Health Institute

Gabriel Health Institute offers a one-week CNA class In Orlando FL at a cost of $295 without CPR certification and $360 with it. This week of training offers students the choice or morning, afternoon or evening classes in both English and Spanish. A money-back guarantee is also offered to those who aren’t satisfied with their training.

Central Florida CNA

Central Florida CNA offers a short 4-day training program that teaches fully the necessary skills needed to work as a CNA after passing the state exam. The course is taught in a state-of-the art facility by highly qualified instructors. Classes begin each week at a cost of $375. Refresher courses for those who need to recertify are also available.

A registration form must be filled out in person if you would like to attend classes, with a deposit of $200 due at the time. Classes are small so training is superior, but they do fill fast.

Matrix Educational College

2120 W. Colonial Drive
Orlando, Florida 32804
(407) 420-2125

Matrix offers a five-week CNA class in Orlando, FL. The program is designed for parents and those who may be unable to attend due to time restraints or restrictions. On-site childcare is available for those who may need it, with both day and evening classes available. The daytime class is completed in five-weeks while the evening class is complete in eight-weeks. Total cost of the program is $775.

Concorde Career Colleges

They have hands on healthcare programs which are short and affordable which may fit in accordance to the schedule that you have. It is found two miles from the Orlando Executive Airport.

Concorde Career Institute-Orlando
3444 Mccrory Place
Orlando, Florida
(407) 812-3060

Cypress Creek High School Medical Academy
1101 Bear Crossing Drive
Orlando, Florida 32824
(407) 852-3400

Florida Healthcare Academy
5804-B Lake Underhill Road
Orlando, Florida 32807
(407) 275-5880

The right education and training can take you to places. When it comes to the CNA classes in Orlando, it follows the Florida Department of Health.  They usually have simpler and easy requirements for entry level CNA aspirants compared to the other state requirements found in the United States of America.

The Florida Board of Nursing recommends that you need to have a quality educational training. When you are done with the course program, you can take the Florida State Examination which is provided by the Prometric.  When you pass, you can automatically see your name in the Florida Nurse Aide Registry. When you  acquire your license, you can then enter the workforce.

Any of the above schools can help you learn the ropes of working as a CNA and help you gain the knowledge to pass the state exam. While there are many other programs available in Orlando as well, these are among the best programs being offered.

Once you have successfully completed training, you must take the state exam to be included on the Nurse Aide Registry in the state. Positions for CNAs are available in multiple locations throughout Orlando and Florida, including at long-term care facilities, nursing homes, hospitals and home health care agencies to name a few.

Depending on the location that you choose to work, pay for a CNA can vary from $10.50 to $13.00 per hour. In addition to the pay, CNAs are offered a world of benefits. It is an excellent opportunity to get your foot in the door to healthcare without committing to months or years in school. But, if you do decide to continue your education, having certification as a CNA can greatly improvise your experience.

If you are ready to take on a new challenge and help others as you go, take a look at the schools offering CNA classes in Orlando FL and choose the right one for your needs.

Free CNA classes in Orlando

Like with most states, there are several options for free CNA training and classes that are available for individuals who are financially at a disadvantage. To start, you can approach the nearest American Adult Education Center in your area. They help facilitate the approval of trainings in States, and can provide further details free CNA classes or direct you to nearby institutions that do.

You can also receive free nursing assistant training from many nursing homes and hospitals, especially if you apply within a year after completing the program. If you pass the exam, you can then request a reimbursement, although the amount may be paid in an instalment or pro-rated basis. Spouses of deceased, active-duty, and veteran military personnel may apply for tuition assistance in Initial Student Florida Financial Aid.

Those who have financial problems can actually have Free CNA classes in Orlando given the fact that they submit the necessary requirements and qualify for the criteria set by the state. You can have the opportunity to have a loan or scholarship grant. Either of the two will do. You can visit the Florida Board of Nursing with regards to such grants and Free CNA classes in Orlando. The CNA classes would usually teach you with regards to correctly moving and lifting patients, assisting medical staff like nurses and physicians, bathing and cleaning wounds, dressing patients, communicating with the family and patients and properly documenting the needed information.

Aside from that, key employers who usually are owned medical facilities. They are usually are understaffed and are looking for CNA employers for their institution. They are willing to finance your educational expenses in return for the services that you will have to offer them. There are a few great employers who are willing to offer such privileges. Some of the best institutions which can allow you with such benefit include Orlando Regional Medical Center and Florida Hospital Orlando.