CNA classes in Palm Beach

Located in Florida is where you can find Palm Beach which is actually part of the famous Atlantic coastline. It is situated near Miami and it has a busy metro area and is known to be the place favored by many to retire especially for those who are considering moving to Florida.  In addition to that, the Palm Beach is actually home to a lot of industries, one of which is the medical industries which comprises CNAs. Those who want to be one can actually study and have CNA classes in Palm Beach.

CNA classes in Palm Beach

Those enrolled in CNA classes in Palm Beach should follow the required minimum training hours which is mandated by the Florida Department of Health. The Florida State Government has required 50 hours of classroom lecture and 100 hours of clinical area exposure. When you have done with the CNA training course education, should take the examination for nurse aide in Florida.

The examination for the nurse aide in Florida is being administered by Prometric. The exam comprises 60 questions in the written examination and the skills exam which is the second part of the examination. Both examinations should be passed by the examinee.  When you have successfully passed, your name will register in the Florida Nurse Aide Registry. You then need to renew your license every two years time span.  Upon renewal, you need to have proof that you actually have worked as CNA within the two years.

Free CNA classes in Palm Beach

There are actually Free CNA classes in Palm Beach which can be provided via the institution, employers or a generous sponsor.  You can check out training institutions that offers scholarship or loan grants to deserving students with their criteria and requirements of which you have to comply. Check out in the Florida Board of Nursing for the listings of these training institutions.

There are also employers who own medical institutions that are willing enough to pay for your educational expenses while you work for their institutions. The healthcare industry is actually busy in Palm Beach. You can find top employers here where you can submit your resumes. Some of the best healthcare institutions which you can see in Palm Beach include Allegro Senior Living, CareSouth, and Bethesda Memorial Hospital.

CNA courses in Palm Beach

You can actually get enrolled in accredited institutions that have CNA courses in Palm Beach which you can check out in the Florida Department of Health. Some of the best institutions included are:

  • Academy of Practical Nursing and Health Occupations

They are famous to produce top of the line and world class CNA professionals. They make sure that their curriculum is in lined with the examination and teaches its students the right educational training which they will need in this kind of professional field.

  • Paramount Training Services

They are dedicated in preparing their students in the pathway towards the healthcare industry. They actually offer training in day, evening and weekend classes which is depending in your availability and schedule. They assure you with their detailed manuals hand in hand with experienced instructors that you will confidently pass the licensure examination and land in the job of your dreams.

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