CNA classes in Pittsburgh PA

CNA classes in Pittsburgh are increasingly popular as more and more people are interested in working in the healthcare field. A lot of job opportunities are available because of the aging population that needs care and treatment. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is the easiest way to get in this field. Classes and training programs in Pittsburgh are being offered by recognized universities, career schools, community colleges and healthcare facilities. Just make sure that these institutions are approved by the state and by the standards set by the federal government.


CNA certification classes in Pittsburg Pa allows you to become a qualified healthcare professional. Once you are done with the training, you will be required to take the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program examination. This exam will be in two parts which are the written and skills tests. Only three attempts are given to each applicant, and if you failed on the third time, you would be asked to do another re-training which means you will take CNA classes in Pittsburgh PA again.

The certification for nursing assistants will be valid for two years, and it is a requirement to renew it. The Department of Health will send a notification 90 days before certificate expiration. Just follow the steps and guidelines set by the office to keep your license active and continue working as a nursing assistant in the state of Pennsylvania.


The Greater Altoona Career and Technology Center has Health Occupations for high school students living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is a three-year program which provides diversified career training the healthcare field. Graduates will become eligible for the Nurse Aide Competency Test which qualifies the passers for employment in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other medical facilities. It will be a stepping stone for a stable and rewarding career in nursing.

The Health Occupations program offers a hands-on instruction on medical assisting and nurse aide skills. Student receives instruction in procedures that involve an examination, care, and treatment of patients. Among these methods are bed making, hand washing, gloving, taking vital signs, positioning patients, feeding, bathing, providing oral care, and transferring or placing the assigned patients. The course also offers CPR training, use of AED, emergency care, first aid training, infection control, medical terminology, legal ethics, and patient safety.

Individuals who are interested in getting into the Health Occupations program must meet the criteria of the school. Prospective participants should be able to read and write at a near grade level, follow medical ethics, and be able to work independently or as part of the healthcare team. They should also have the physical ability to lift or move patients and possess an excellent personal hygiene. Accepted applicants will be invited to study the course. They can also seek for scholarships and grants to cover the cost of the training.


Lackawanna College offers a172-hour Nurse Aide Training program with hands-on and supervised clinical experience. The course is provided and directed by Registered Nurses who have years of experience in long-term care. It is accredited by the Pennsylvania State Department of Education, allowing the graduates to sit for the certification exam.

The Nurse Aide Training Program of Lackawanna College has three components. The first part is composed of 96 hours of classroom instruction and laboratory training, which is then followed by 44 hours of hands-on clinical practice in a long-term care facility. The last portion is a 32-hour CPR training, tours in local healthcare facilities, and practice laboratory hours for the national CNA examination. Upon completion of the program, students will sit for the certification exam which has written and skills tests.

Lackawanna College admits few students per program. Applicants have to submit a high school diploma or GED equivalent and must undergo an entrance exam with a passing grade. A criminal history background check and physical examination are also required. For students who are not residents of Pennsylvania or those who have not lived in the state for more than two years should undergo an FBI background clearance check. Moreover, tuition assistance is available at Lackawanna College. Students can call the school’s Financial Aid Office for more information.

Community College of Allegheny County

The Community College of Allegheny County offers a Nurse Aide training program which is approved by the state Department of Education. The course is designed to equip students for the certification exam and employability in various healthcare settings. It usually starts with a classroom instruction coupled with lectures and skills training, which is then followed by a hands-on clinical practice in an affiliated skilled nursing facility. Students will understand the nature of the profession, as well as the different nursing skills, and concepts which are essential in a CNA practice.

Before the start of the program, students are required to submit a high school diploma or GED equivalent and undergo a physical exam with two TB tests. A proof of residency in the state of Pennsylvania is also required to apply. Participants of the CNA class should provide their uniforms and textbooks. Those who wish to withdraw should do so before the beginning of the course to receive a refund.

The CNA training program of the Community College of Allegheny County is a rigorous healthcare course that requires a full-time commitment. Although students can choose their preferred class schedules, they have to be committed to attending the classes regularly and meet the minimum grade requirement for graduation. Nevertheless, the community college provides a lot of financial assistance programs to deserving individuals. Interested students can visit their Financial Aid Office to know more about the scholarships, loans, or grants for the CNA training program.

American Red Cross – Pittsburgh

A CNA training program is also available at the American Red Cross in Pittsburgh. These classes are conducted exclusively in person and are provided by licensed and caring Registered Nurses. The program emphasizes academics, therapeutic communication, the art of caregiving, and performing critical functions. It also covers numerous nursing topics and skills training to give confidence to the students and make them competent healthcare providers.

Classes for the CNA training program of the American Red Cross is held during the day. Working students have to adjust their schedules to accommodate the CNA course they are taking. They also have to avoid absences because there are no make-up classes held. Moreover, the American Red Cross usually admits few students per program that is why interested students have to know the requirements to be able to apply before the set deadline.

Applicants have to attend a local orientation information session, pass math and to read assessment and submit a high school diploma or GED certification. They also have to pass the criminal background check conducted by Red Cross and complete the physical form or TB test. Also, prospective students should even meet other criteria which the Red Cross CNA counselor provides.

Scholarships and grants may be available for the CNA training of the American Red Cross in Pittsburgh, but these opportunities are often limited. Individuals who are seeking for financial assistance should check it with the institution’s admissions office or financial aid office to get more information on how to apply and its corresponding requirements.


The CNA classes in Pittsburgh PA usually range from $400 to $1,200, depending on the facility offering the program. When choosing a CNA school, it is essential to learn the associated costs required at the institution. Some of these schools have a fixed list of the possible expenses already while others need you to buy additional materials like scrubs, books, and many others.

Most schools offering CNA classes do not provide financial assistance. However, if you are looking for free CNA classes in Pittsburgh PA, you can avail it through hospitals and nursing homes around the state. This free training will require you to work on their organization after getting certified without receiving compensation in a specific period. Meanwhile, the Department of Health can also be a source of paid CNA training. These grants are specially designed for those who cannot afford the program and does not have any work abilities.

HCR ManorCare

HCR ManorCare is one of the leading providers of short-term, long-term, and post-hospital services in the state of Pennsylvania. Often, the facility offers free CNA classes to qualified individuals. This no-cost Certified Nursing Assistant training program is provided to invite more residents to work in the healthcare field as nursing assistants. Once accepted, participants will be paid during the training and will get an employment opportunity in one of the facilities of HCR ManorCare.

Individuals who want to apply for the free CNA training program of HCR ManorCare should submit their application online or in-person and must understand the terms of the healthcare course. They have to be willing to work in the selected healthcare facility for a specified period and should have a compassionate attitude to serve other people. Moreover, applicants have to submit a high school diploma or GED equivalent and must pass the criminal background investigation, drug screening, and TB testing.

The CNA training program of HCR ManorCare is just like any other nurse assistant courses. Although participants are required to work while studying, the facility will make sure to assist these individuals to succeed in their educational and career goals. They will be guided and supervised by the best clinical instructors who are well-experienced and experts in providing quality nursing care. As soon as the program is completed and applicants passed the certification exam, HCR ManorCare will offer a permanent CNA position. This comes with a competitive salary and employment benefits like medical, dental, and vision insurance, tuition reimbursement, 401k, paid holidays, and many others.

Pennsylvania Department of Education

The Pennsylvania Department of Education is a reliable provider of free Nurse Aide Training Program. This program is designed to help its participants get a certification as nursing assistants and secure a stable and rewarding career in the healthcare field. Pennsylvania residents who are unemployed or those who wish for a career change are encouraged to apply. Selected candidates will be trained by expert licensed instructors to prepare them for the certification exam.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education offers a free CNA training program several times a year. This program is made to entice more residents to work in the healthcare field as nursing assistants. Interested individuals have to submit a high school diploma or GED equivalent and must pass the criminal background check and health requirements. Anyone with a criminal record or communicable disease may not be admitted to the program. Prospective Certified Nursing Assistants should be free from these liabilities because employers do not usually hire a healthcare professional with a criminal record or contagious disease.

Individuals who are invited to study a Nurse Aide Training Program by Pennsylvania Department of Education will not pay anything for the tuition. However, they have to provide their uniforms, books, medical supplies, and mode of transportation during the clinical training. In addition to that, they should also attend the classes without absences to stay in the program and be able to graduate.

The CNA training program is an excellent platform to start a career in nursing, and the state Department of Education will help the participants become successful in their chosen fields. Aside from providing and meeting their educational needs, the institution will also assist their graduates in finding a CNA job in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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