CNA classes in Pittsburgh Pa

CNA classes in Pittsburgh Pa is increasingly popular as more and more people are interested in working in the healthcare field. A lot of job opportunities are available because of the ageing population that needs care and treatment. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is the easiest way to get in this field. Classes and training programs in Pittsburgh are being offered by recognized universities, career schools, community colleges and healthcare facilities. Just make sure that these facilities are approved by the state and in accordance to the standards set by the federal government.

CNA courses in Pittsburg PA

There are two major schools offering CNA courses in Pittsburg PA and these are the Greater Altoona Career and Technology Center and Lackawanna College. Both of these schools prepare the students in National Nurse Aide Assessment Program examination offered by the Nurse Aide Registry.

 Greater Altoona Career and Technology Center  – This school provides 2 years technical as well as career education to adults and high school students. Their Nurse Aide Program is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and it covers 144 hours of classroom and clinical sessions.

Lackawanna College –The Nurse Aide Program is offered through allied health as well as continuing education departments of Lackawanna. The program lasts to 8 weeks with 200 hours of classroom and clinical exposures.

Free CNA classes in Pittsburgh PA

The CNA classes in Pittsburgh PA usually range from $400 to $1,200, depending on the facility offering the program. When choosing for a CNA school, it is important to learn the associated costs required from the institution. Some of these schools have a fixed list on the possible expenses already while others require you to buy additional materials like scrubs, books and many others.

Most schools offering CNA classes do not provide financial assistance. However, if you are looking for free CNA classes in Pittsburgh PA, you can avail it through hospitals and nursing homes around the state. This free training will require you to work on their organization after getting certified without receiving compensation in a specific period. Meanwhile, the Department of Health can also be a source of paid CNA training. These grants are specially designed for those who cannot afford the program and does not have any work abilities.

CNA certification classes in Pittsburgh PA

CNA certification classes in Pittsburg Pa allows you to become an eligible healthcare professional. Once you are done with the training, you will be required to take the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program examination. This exam will be in two parts; the written and skills tests. Only three attempts are given to each applicant and if you failed on the third time, you will be asked to do another re-training which means you will take again CNA classes in Pittsburgh PA.

The certification for nursing assistants will be valid for two years and it is a requirement to renew it. The Department of Health will send a notification 90 days prior to certificate expiration. Simply follow the steps and guidelines set by the office in order to keep your license active and continue working as a nursing assistant in the state of Pennsylvania.