CNA Classes In Portland OR

Medical professionals are high in demand in Portland especially the CNAs. Prior to undertaking CNA classes in Portland OR, you need to know the basics and know how to be one.

First and foremost, you need to have the right training and education as a CNA. Portland offers education for both CNA1 and CNA2. CNA1 is considered to be as the entry level which requires you to have 150 hours of training which is divided into 75 hours of coursework and clinical training.

Passing the licensure exam is the next step. The exam comprises of skills assessment and written examination. In the written exam, there are at the most 77 questions and you must answer correctly at least 65% of them, which is considered to be the passing rate.

If on your first attempt, you failed, you have the option to retake the exam prior to going back to school. The renewal of license is in every two years, which is mandatory  requirement in Oregon.

Getting the right training during your CNA Classes In Portland is essential. You need to be assured that the program that you enroll in is approved by the state to be sure that you have the right education for you to pass the licensure exam.

CNAs must complete at least 40 hours of training in Oregon, per state law, before they can be hired by skilled nursing facilities or intermediate care facilities. After training, students are able to take the state exam, which certifies them and allows them to gain entry-level work as a CNA.

Responsibilities and Skills of a CNA

Many people opt for a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant because training is limited and typically inexpensive compared to 2-year, 4-year, and 6-year nursing degrees. Although CNA classes in Portland are often short, students must retain a lot of information that is discussed which directly applies to caring for patients and performing daily activities. CNAs must be able to help a patient move, turn, get in and out of bed, bathe, and any other activity that is in the patient’s interest.

Aside from being compassionate, as no patient would want an indifferent nurse caring for him or her, a CNA must also be knowledgeable about caring for a patient so that the patient is not at risk. This includes taking the patient’s respiration, pulse and blood pressure; monitoring and observing the patient; and maintaining a log for the observations. In this way, a CNA can report his or her monitoring to his or her supervisor, usually a Registered Nurse (RN). It’s true that being kind and understanding are important parts of being a nurse, being smart and safe around a patient can save a person’s life.

CNA Classes in Portland

There are great training centers which can give you such edge like Caregiver Training Institute which offers flexible schedules, fast graduation and education in CNA areas, Cascade Medical School which offers both CNA2 and CNA1 that is approved by the state and caters for financial aid to students who qualify with their requirement. Lastly, Portland Community College which have 3 day hospital rotation for qualified students and CNA1 as well as CNA2 classes.

Caregiver Training Institute

There are many types of classes and programs for CNA training in Portland. At the Caregiver Training Institute, convenience takes the lead as classes are offered during the morning, evening, weekend, and even online. With Nursing Assistant-1 and Nursing Assistant-2 programs available, it’s easy to prepare for a CNA career. NA-1 covers the basic duties and responsibilities required of CNAs per Oregon state law. Classroom seating is limited to 20 students for the 150-hour class, which includes classroom lectures, laboratory skills and clinical experience at an community nursing facility. Tuition starts at $970, and with supplies and additional fees (such as fingerprinting and tuberculosis testing), students can spend up to $1,488, plus the cost of shoes, scrubs and a watch.

Portland Community College

Portland Community College is just one of several CNA schools to offer a similar CNA-1 program to that of the Caregiver Training Institute. The course is split evenly, with 75 hours of classroom and laboratory work and 75 hours of clinical sessions at a nursing facility. The program is aimed at those who want to work in intermediate care facilities, hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities. For the convenience of its students, PCC offers daytime and evening classes with clinical locations on the east side and west side of Portland. The program is approved by the Oregon State Board of Nursing, and for those who qualify, a three-day clinical rotation at area hospitals is offered as part of the clinical training. Upon course completion, students presented with a Nursing Assistant certificate, and they are eligible to take the state exam.

Cascade Medical School- School Closed

At Cascade Medical School, students dive into the world of Certified Nursing Assistants by studying medical, ethical and professional aspects of the profession. The course’s 150 hours of training and instruction can be completed during a day program or an online weekend program. The day program lasts four weeks, with two weeks in a classroom and two weeks at a clinical location. Online students will receive training during a period of five weeks with three, consecutive, eight-hour lab sessions, and five weekends of clinical experience. Day program tuition averages at $1,165 and the tuition for the online program is estimated at $1,265. Additional fees for CNA classes in Portland may be required, and the state exam fee is not included in the tuition price.

Job Prospects & CNA Salaries in Portland

The skills that you need to acquire is for you to be able to know how to keep accurate records and document, bathing, caring and cleaning for patients, assessing and taking of vital signs as well as transferring and lifting of patients with proper body mechanics.

In Portland OR, you do not need to look any further, you can be able to find jobs and the essential data for you to apply anywhere in Portland. You can visit Craigslist for more information and also you can tap agencies which can be willing to help you find the right job for you. Such agencies like BrightStar Staffing, Interim HealthCare, and Dental and Medical Staffing.

Aside from that, you can have the choice to apply at notable key employers in Portland like Providence Health and Services, Cedar Hills Hospital, Legacy Health, Adventist Health and Shriners’ Hospital Portland.

The average salary income of CNAs in Portland Oregon is about $25,000. The salary is can be increased further depending on the area you are assigned, specialization and institution that you belong.

Free CNA Classes in Portland

If you are looking for free CNA Classes in Portland OR, you should first check out Oregon Nursing Board website. Here you will be able to find information on all the possible CNA classes in the state of Oregon as well as information on possible scholarships and grants that are available.

If that option is not working out, you can always call local nursing homes in Portland, and see if there are any positions available. Often nursing homes provide free training for their entry-level staff and if they hire you, you may be able to get free CNA classes in Portland through them!

Some of the nursing homes which may be hiring staff are-


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