CNA classes in Roanoke VA

CNA classes in Roanoke, VA can be found through many schools and training facilities. These classes teach medical terminology, patient care skills, the human body and so much more, all information needed to work as a Nurse Assistant.

CNA classes in Roanoke, VA take a matter of weeks to complete. For those who have busy lives and cannot spend years in school, a CNA is a perfect position. It is also great for those who want to continue their education but first get a feeling of what it is to work in healthcare.

Positions for CNAs are available at home health agencies, hospitals and long-term care facilities to name a few. The salary for the position varies according to the location that you choose to work, though the average Roanoke CNA makes $11.50 per hour.

If you are ready to attend CNA training, you must find a state approved school to provide you the training. There are a number of them available in Roanoke and the surrounding areas, including the following choices.

Fast Track Training

 Fast Track offers a three-week daytime CNA training program and an eight-week night program for adults who wish to work as a Nurse Assistant. Their program is approved by the state.  The training consists of 120 hours of training, teaching all of the skills that you will need to work as a CNA as well as the information to help you successfully complete the CNA state exam. Of those hours 80 are spent inside of a classroom and the other 40 in a clinical setting.

The cost to enroll in the program is $650 with a down payment of at least $350 required. Classes start all throughout the year. You must be 18 years old to participate in the class.

Friendship Home Care

Friendship Home Care is a long-term care facility located in Roanoke. They’ve been providing special patient care for over 100 years now and want to see new, caring faces inside of their facility. They offer a 120-hour training course for Nurse Assistants, with 80 hours spent inside a classroom and the other 40 in clincals.

Generations Solutions

Those in Roanoke who want a quality training program are also inclined to inquire of this school. They offer an amazing CNA program consisting of 8-weeks of training with a mandatory 120 hours of time needed to take the state exam. That training must include 40 hours working in a nursing home facility. A full-time and a part-time class are available, making it easy to work and tend to other commitments while gaining your education. The program costs $825, though there are payment plans and options to assist.

In order to be accepted into the Generations Solutions program one must be at least 17 years, have a GED or high school diploma and be able to submit a negative TB skin test. It is also required that a criminal background check be performed for acceptance, with an additional cost of $15 for this check being performed.