CNA classes in San Diego CA

Like most states, California residents who wish to work as a CNA must first receive the proper training and pass a state exam. Additionally it is required that a negative TB skin test be submitted as well as a background check. Adults at least 18 years of age can find the necessary training to work as a CNA. There are a number of CNA classes in San Diego, CA all of which provide the training needed to pass the state exam and become a wonderful nurse assistant. Some of the best San Diego CNA training programs available include:

Another growing city found in California is San Diego. It can be found in the coast of Pacific Ocean in the southern most part of California. It is famous for its water harbor, beaches, great climate and an emergence of the best healthcare group there is. One healthcare group that is growing in popularity is certified nursing assistants or CNAs. For that, we have CNA classes in San Diego to aid you in reaching your dreams and aspirations.

CNA classes in San Diego

When you are considering CNA classes in San Diego, the training programs have to have 100 hours clinical training in medical facilities such as hospitals or nursing homes and at the most 50 hours classroom discussions. An institution that offers CNA classes in San Diego should have accreditation which is specified by Aide and Technician Certification Section (ATCS).

After getting the needed education and training, the passing of the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program is needed. When you pass, you are directly registered in the California Nurse Aide Registry. If you take the examination in San Diego, the examination for licensing is free of charge especially if you are a resident in California.

CNA courses in San Diego

There are a lot of academic institutions which provides high end CNA courses in San Diego that will be beneficial for you in the future. The following are some of the best academic institution there is in San Diego which has proven to produce the best quality of CNAs there is:

International Health Group, Inc. School Of Nursing

This institution has been producing quality CNAs since they opened their doors for CNAs in the year 2006. Their passing rate is 90% and above. They promise to hone your skills as well as develop your knowledge which will guide you in passing the examination and providing efficient care to your patients.

California Medical College

This institution is packed with the best and qualified nurses, doctors and experts who are willing to share their knowledge in their CNA students. It has 210 hours of clinical and classroom instruction. Aside from that, they provide affordable tuition costs for CNA program.

Kaplan College of San Diego

Those who are enrolled in this academic institution, expects to have knowledge on body mechanics, rehabilitative nursing, charting and observation. Another thing to note about this college is that it has financial aid options and their tuition costs are affordable.

Arbour Hills Nursing Facility

This 89-bed skilled nursing home offers CNA training. Since 1989 the nursing home has been providing superior care to their residents. Now they offer superior training to those who make it possible- CNAs. Tuition reimbursement may be available if you sign a contract to work with the facility upon completion of the program. Those who are not offered a position are expected to pay the total costs of the program ($450.)

MiraCosta College

One of the best in the San Diego area offering CNA training! Since 1987, MiraCosta has been providing the CNA classes in San Diego, CA. Only 20 students are accepted per class, so it is best to apply early to assure you have a spot. There are classes offered twice per semester, as well as a program taking place in the summer. The regular semester program can be completed in six-weeks while the summer program takes eight-weeks. Of the 204 hours provided through the school, 79 of those are in the classroom and 105 hours are spent working in a clinical setting. MiraCosta charges $550 for the CNA training.

Palo Verde College

Palo Verde College, located in Blythe, is a short drive for San Diego residents, and one that is well-worth the time. The one-semester course provides classroom training that is sure to provide the knowledge needed to pass the state exam. The school is accredited, and offers only a state approved CNA program. Hundreds of people have successfully completed the CNA program through this college and are now working in the world of healthcare.

Free CNA classes in San Diego

When dealing with the financial situation is bothersome to you. You might find training programs which offer financial assistance in exchange for paying it back as a form of service in their institution. Some employers shoulder your CNA tuition to a certain extent and if you are lucky, some of them would offer you free educational assistance. Others can find institutions which are willing to back you up on your financial matters like Envision Healthcare Training or ask help from the California State Board of Nursing.

CNAs in California must take the state exam for a spot on the California Nurse Aide Registry and to earn their certificate within one year of completing any of the above programs. There are additional costs for the exam that is not included in regular tuition fees.

Upon successful completion of the state exam, positions for CNAs can be found in long-term care facilities, hospitals and in nursing homes throughout the San Diego area and beyond. An average salary of $25,000 per year is offered for those in the San Diego area.

With any of the CNA classes in San Diego, CA above you can quickly and easily learn what it takes to become a CNA. Thousands of people have trained to become a CNA through these schools, and you can too. The hardest part is choosing which of the schools you will attend!

As the old saying goes, if there’s a will, there is a way. Taking CNA classes in San Diego can have a positive and brighter effect on your future. You do not need to worry about finances for there are ways for you to enroll in CNA courses in San Diego with a few help from those who are willing to make your dreams come true.