CNA classes in Santa Clara

One of the cities in California is Santa Clara. I It has a population of 116, 468 in the 2010 census. Geography, it is at the center most of the Silicon Valley and it is a short distance from Palo Alto and San Jose. It is home to the fastest growing medical practitioners. In fact, according to studies, California is one of the leading states who have high demand for nurses.  Recently, they have created a huge vacancy for CNAs and are encouraging others to enroll CNA classes in Santa Clara for their benefit.

CNA classes in Santa Clara

If you are going to undergo CNA classes in Santa Clara, there must be 150 hours of training which is divided into 50hours lecture and 100 hours of clinical work. Prior to undertaking the class, a background check as well as physical examination should be passed by the student.

When you have clinical work, you need to have complete CPR certification which can be overseen by the California Department of Public Health’s Aides and Technician Certification Section. After the training completion, the Nurse Aide Examination should be passed and when you pass your name is directly registered in the California Nursing Assistant Registry.

Free CNA classes in Santa Clara

When you have problem with supporting yourself with your CNA classes, you can avail of the Free CNA classes in Santa Clara in two ways. The first one is to get hired by an employer who is willing to shoulder your expenses. These employers often have their own nursing homes and are in search for CNAs. They would go all the way to shoulder your CNA classes which they consider as part of the training.  Nursing Homes which can be located in Santa Clara are Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, O’Connor Hospital,and Regional Medical Center of San Jose.

CNA courses in Santa Clara

When you decide to be a CNA professional someday, you need to be trained. Training means that you need to hone your skills that are needed in the CNA job description. When you get the proper training, you will be able to use the skills and knowledge as you work in clinics, private homes and hospitals. Training is very vital and you need to pick out the best state approved CNA courses in Santa Clara. You can check out the following institution for you to choose from:

  • Bay Area College of Nursing

Those who are planning to be a CNA professional, this is the best place to start your dreams. This institution will prepare you for the Nurse Assistant Competency Evaluation for the State of California. In addition to that, it provides you the grasp of basic skills as well as competencies of a CNA professional.

  • California College of Nursing

It provides you 150 hours of laboratory skills, clinical experience and nursing theories. The classroom is held in the college campus and its clinical classes are held in the nursing facilities which can found in a convenient distance from this academic institution.  They are known to train and produce one of the best CNA professionals.