CNA classes in Shreveport

The Shreveport can be found in Louisiana It has a big population of 199 thousand. Geographically, it can be found near Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.  Aside from the well-known places, the city also needs trained medical professionals like CNAs. Hence, there have been CNA classes in Shreveport to encourage people who are willing to enter into this kind of medical field.

As mandated by the Department of Health and Hospitals, there is a formal requirement for CNA classes in Shreveport which should be followed. The hands-on clinical training should have 40 hours of instruction and another 40 hours of instruction for classroom lectures. After the completion, they can schedule their exam which is often held in the place where the training was done and will directly be placed in the Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry.

The CNA training program in Shreveport is a perfect opportunity to start a career in the medical field. It lasts for several weeks or months, but the training is worthwhile. Students get to know more about the profession and will have the chance to experience actual training from the best clinical instructors. They will also be qualified to pursue further medical studies as soon as they complete the program and receive a license to practice as a CNA. In Shreveport, several schools are providing state-approved CNA classes. Some of them are even giving it for free as long as the student meets the requirement of the program.


With regards to the financial aspect, those people who are willing to train and learn can now acquire assistance financially through the Louisiana State Board of Nursing which will aid you in finding the right benefactor or scholarship grant for you to aid you with your educational finances. Free CNA classes are available in the state to help deserving students complete a healthcare course without paying anything.

The most common source of scholarships and grants are healthcare schools. Several colleges and universities are providing tuition assistance programs through their Financial Aid office. Unfortunately, these scholarships are limited that is why interested students have to apply as early as possible and can meet the criteria of the program.

Another source of free CNA class is a nursing home.  Most often, the best employers in Shreveport would do a great deal of investment in shouldering your training expenses. If you are patient in finding the right employer, you can study a CNA course without paying the tuition and other related expenses. Just make sure to agree to work in this facility to be granted a sponsorship or paid training.


We all know that there is a growing demand for CNAs in Shreveport, Louisiana. Usually, these academic institutions which provide CNA course in Shreveport have to be credited and approved by the Department of Health and Hospitals. The following are some of the most trusted institutions that are approved and accredited:

Southern University Shreveport Louisiana

The Southern University Shreveport Louisiana offers a Nursing Assistant training program which has 90 hours of instruction. Students in the program receive 45 hours of classroom instruction and another 45 hours of clinical practicum. The curriculum is approved by the Department of Health Hospitals and graduates in the healthcare course receives adequate training in preparation for the certification exam. The CNA class of Southern University Shreveport Louisiana is taught by the best clinical instructors who have years of experience in the medical field. The class size is small, and personalized instruction is given to ensure that the best training experience is provided to aspiring nursing assistants.

The Certified Nursing Assistant training program covers several essential topics like anatomy and physiology, medical terminologies, infection control, activities of daily living, the range of motion exercises, basic nursing procedures, responding to emergency situations, care for the elderly, death and dying, communication skills, and job searching strategies. After completing the theoretical learning experience, students are then exposed in an actual clinical setting with supervision from a Registered Nurse. During this program, aspiring nursing assistants will care for patients or residents and will be able to practice their skills.

The CNA course requires all prospective students to submit a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They also have to pass the background check and appropriate healthcare screenings before the start of the class. Scholarships and grants may be available, but students can check it at the school’s Financial Aid office.

Northwest Louisiana Technical College

The CNA training program of Northwest Louisiana Technical College prepares students for various opportunities in the healthcare field. The course combines classroom instruction with hands-on clinical practice, allowing participants to receive adequate knowledge and skills in preparation for the certification exam. The topics discussed in the program are anatomy and physiology, infection control, basic nursing skills, emergency procedures, communication, patient safety and resident’s rights, care for the elderly, death and dying, and many more. Upon completing the classroom instruction, students proceed to a clinical practicum which takes place in a local healthcare facility. A Registered Nurse will supervise them during the entire clinical practice experience.

Individuals who wish to enroll in the CNA training program of Northwest Louisiana Technical College have to meet their requirements. Prospective students should undergo a Technical Competency Area (TCA) and submit an admissions application online. The ACT or SAT scores are accepted in the enrolment, but applicants have to provide proof of immunization or signed a waiver, driver’s license or a photo ID, proof of selective service, and official transcripts from a high school, college or university. Additional documentation may be needed for admission, and the school will ask all of these from the enrollee.

Northwest Louisiana Technical College provides quality CNA training program in Shreveport. Individuals with financial issues can inquire at the school’s Financial Aid office for scholarships and grants applicable in the CNA course. They have to meet the criteria for these programs to receive tuition assistance.

Bossier Parish Community College

Bossier Parish Community College is also offering a Certified Nursing Assistant training program to individuals who want to start a career in the healthcare field. The program starts with a classroom instruction covering various nursing topics and skills. This is then followed by a skills training in a simulation lab and an actual clinical practice with supervision from a Registered Nurse. Bossier Parish Community College provides high-quality CNA training program through their clinical instructors who have years of experience in the healthcare industry. The class size remains to be small to ensure a personalized approach to instruction, and every graduate can take advantage of the job assistance program provided by the institution.

People who want to enroll in the CNA training program of Bossier Parish Community College have to meet the requirements of the course. A high school diploma or GED equivalent is needed to apply, but all prospective applicants have to undergo a background check, drug screening, and TB testing. Other documents will be asked from the enrollee during the admission process. Moreover, the CNA training program can be completed in a short period that is why students are advised to avoid creating absences or tardiness.

Bossier Parish Community College provides a good training environment for aspiring nursing assistants. They have invested in their people as well as their facilities. Thus, anyone who finished a CNA course at this college is equipped with knowledge and skills. They even have tuition assistance programs available to deserving students who cannot support the expenses of the CNA training.

Shreveport Job Corps Center

Individuals who are seeking a free CNA training program can inquire at Shreveport Job Corps Center. This institution has several career training programs for qualified individuals who belong to a low-income family and who are willing to undergo weeks of training. Among the courses they offer is a Certified Nursing Assistant healthcare training. This healthcare program combines classroom instruction with a hands-on clinical practicum in a local medical setting. Students have to make a full-time commitment to the program to meet the required hours of instruction for the certification exam. They also have to maintain a certain grade to receive a certificate of completion.

The CNA training program of Shreveport Job Corps Center is an excellent opportunity to work in the healthcare field right away. Students do not have to pay for the tuition including their books, testing fee, and medical supplies. Job Corps will cover all their expenses to help them get started. However, admission to the CNA training program is competitive due to the limited number of students per course. Thus, it is important for prospective applicants to apply beforehand and meet the required documents of the training. Among the requirements are a high school diploma or GED equivalent, criminal background check, proof of immunization, drug screening, and TB testing.

Shreveport Job Corps Center offers a CNA training program now and then. There is no fixed admission date, but interested applicants can be updated through their website.

Rock Bridge Training Institute

Rock Bridge Training Institute provides a Home Care Aide training which can be completed in eight weeks. Students in the program will become equipped with knowledge in skills in providing care to an elderly, disabled, and cognitively impaired clients. The Home Care Aide training involves classroom instruction and clinical practicum. Several topics are discussed and taught including light housekeeping, dressing, toileting, bathing, preparing meals, assisting clients, and many more. At the end part of the course, students are then exposed in an actual home care setting wherein they care for residents.

Individuals who want to undergo a Home Care Aide training have to make a full-time commitment to complete the course without absences. They have to make sure that they meet the required number of hours and grade to receive a certificate of completion. Graduates in the program can work right away in a home care setting, and they can even pursue other healthcare courses. Scholarships and grants may not be available in the Home Care Aide training, but students can seek it and inquire at their Admissions Office.

Rock Bridge Training Institute is a good training environment for anyone to wants to begin a career in the healthcare field. The facilities are equipped with essential materials and equipment to facilitate learning, and all instructors are licensed healthcare professionals with years of experience.

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