CNA classes in Staten Island NY

Staten Island NY is part of the five boroughs of the New York City.  It is geographically seen in the southwestern part of the city proper.  It is separated from the New Jersey.  It is least populated area but has a great potential for finding work for healthcare professionals like CNAs. There have been CNA classes in Staten Island NYto support the ever growing population for CNA and those who intend to become one in the future.

CNA classes in Staten Island NY

It will only require you for 14 weeks the most to prepare you to become a CNA professional someday. With regards to the CNA classes in Staten Island NY, it will take you around 96 hours of lecture and clinical practice. The basic core of becoming a CNA professional deals with the basic patient care topics. The New York Department of Health has a list of requirements listed in their website.

After that, you then need to accomplish the list of requirements prior to taking the nurse aide examination. Then, when you pass, you automatically are registered in the New York Nurse Aide Registry. You need to renew your license after two years.

Free CNA classes in Staten Island NY

Actually, there are Free CNA classes in Staten Island NY.  You can browse through the internet or go to certain employers who are willing to send you to school to learn and be trained for free.

 We all know that not all are capable of supporting themselves financially especially when you are in willing to undergo such training education. There are training companies who would allow you to do so. There are also employers who own nursing homes and other medical facilities who would fund your academic expenses. Some of the known nursing homes in Staten Island New York are Clove Lakes Health Care & Rehabilitation Center ,Golden Gate Rehab Health Care Center, and New Vanderbilt Health & Rehab Center.

There are also schools and academic institution that are willing to lend you money or have scholarship grants for you to use in your privilege. You can ask help from the New York State Department of Health for assistance.

CNA courses in Staten Island NY

What better way to learn to become a CNA professional is to enroll yourself in an institution that offers you CNA courses in Staten Island NY. There is actually a lot of institution which promises you to do so. Yet, you must be extra careful to trust into these institutions. You must do your own research. Find a list of approved institutions in the New York State Department of Health .  Some of the best and acclaimed schools which provide you with the high end CNA courses in Staten Island NYare as follows:

  • St. Paul’s School of Nursing

This institution have been established in the year 1904 and they provide you healthcare careers like CNA programs to equip you in passing the board exam and eventually landing in to your dream job.

  • The New Millennium Training Center

This training center will assist you from the start to finish as you work towards your goal which is to become a successful CNA someday. They deal with giving you the best education and hands on training there is with its highly professional and skilled professors and cutting edge medical facilities for your experience.