CNA Classes in Tampa FL

With the right CNA training in Tampa, individuals can go on to become certified nursing assistants working in various capacities at healthcare facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals, and hospices. CNA training prepares students for life as a nursing assistant where they will get to work closely with nurse and doctors. A CNA certification may be used as launching vehicle for a career in nursing and is issued by the Florida Board of Nursing.


Most Tampa CNA programs require that students be in possession of a high school diploma as grounds for admission. Students are also expected to be physically active enough to handle the demands of the job. Other requisites may include a criminal background check and drug test. There are dozens of accredited centers offering CNA training in Tampa and the rest of Florida. Many of these provide flexible study schedules such as day programs, evening programs, and part-time programs. Students may choose to study for the theoretical part of the course by completing online courses. A popular destination for CNA training in Tampa is the Galen College of Nursing.


The state requires that students complete approved CNA training in Tampa or another city within the country to be eligible for the Florida CNA certification. Students are expected to have completed a minimum of 120 hours of training including of 40 hours supervised clinical.

The state does not require that all applicants apply for the exam immediately after completing their CNA training in Tampa or any other center. It is however recommended. If a person fails the exam three times, the state will require that the individuals complete an accredited nurse training program before retrying the test.


Florida is home to the 4th largest population of working nursing aids with approximately 88,900 of them employed in various capacities around the state. In total, Florida is home to roughly 6% of the nursing assistants in the country. The average annual income for CNAs within the state is $23,700. The top salary bracket is $30,000 while the lower bracket is $18,100. The state hourly wage ranges from $8.80 to $14.50. Unlike many states, individuals who have completed CNA training in Tampa may be able to work for as much as four months before writing the Florida CNA exam. The U.S Bureau of Labor estimates that the number of jobs for CNAs will grow by 20% over the next ten years.


Tampa, Florida CNA certifications expire on the 31st of December. CNAs are expected to apply for renewal, 120 days before the expiration lapses. CNAs who fail to renew their license after two years may be required to enroll for current CNA training in Tampa to retake the state nursing exam. Individuals with permits from other states who wish to be transferred to Tampa will be required to have a background check before their application is approved.

American Red Cross – Tampa

The American Red Cross in Tampa offers a Certified Nursing Assistant training program which can be completed in four to eight weeks. The healthcare course prepares the students for the state certification exam and possible employment in healthcare facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and many others. The CNA training program of the American Red Cross in Tampa includes an in-class work and hands-on clinical rotations. Every student who is enrolled will go through hours of lectures and video presentations which includes discussions on topics like anatomy and physiology, CPR training, first aid, AED usage, infection control, patient safety, the art of caregiving, and many others. The importance of therapeutic communication and nurturing attitude are also part of the classroom instruction.

The last part of the healthcare course is the hands-on clinical practice which is supervised by a clinical instructor. Students will have the chance to experience providing care to patients with diverse healthcare needs. The CNA training program of the American Red Cross is often conducted several times a year. Interested applicants can apply before the start of the program or after a course ends. However, they have to meet the program requirements to be gain an admission.

Applicants have to possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent and must pass a level 1 criminal background check, drug screening, and Mantoux (TB) tests. Individuals who are admitted to the program have to provide their uniforms, required books, medical supplies, and transportation for their clinical rotations. The American Red Cross sometimes offer scholarships and grants to deserving individuals. Check it out through their admission’s office.

CNA Training and Testing Center

CNA Training and Testing Center is another school in Tampa, Florida that offers a convenient and affordable state approved-CNA training program. Finishing the course allows you to get a certificate and eligibility to take the state certification exam. It will also provide an endless opportunity in the healthcare field as becoming a CNA is a stepping stone for a career in nursing.

The CNA Training and Testing Center employs the best clinical instructors who will train and equip the students with knowledge, skills, and experience. The CNA healthcare course starts with classroom instruction that covers several nursing topics like anatomy and physiology, infection control, nutrition, medical terminologies, fundamentals in nursing, and essential nursing procedures. Students also undergo a skills training in a fully equipped simulation lab. In this aspect of the program, they will be able to practice the essential nursing skills needed to provide care to patients. Once the students get into the hands-on clinical rotation, they will be able to care their patients or residents efficiently and efficiently.

The CNA classes are offered on a flexible schedule. Students can choose to study in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Working individuals who cannot compromise their jobs can still study and become a Certified Nursing Assistant in a few weeks. Moreover, the CNA training program is cost-effective. Included in the affordable tuition is a free pair of scrubs, free CNA study material, unlimited practice time in the school’s facility, and job assistance services. Having no high school diploma or GED equivalent is also not a problem in applying. CNA Training and Testing Center will help you in getting a certification as nursing assistants.

CNA Training Academy

CNA Training Academy offers an affordable CNA preparatory course for individuals who wish to enter in the healthcare field. The program starts with classroom instruction that includes lectures and video presentations on several nursing topics. Among the subjects discussed are anatomy and physiology, infection control, fundamentals of nursing, the importance of nutrition, therapeutic communication, medical terminologies, medical abbreviations, and much more. Several skills demonstrations are also included in the classroom instruction for students to practice them in preparation for the hands-on clinical practice and state certification exam. After completing the required number of hours for classroom instruction, students are exposed in a clinical setting with supervision from a licensed instructor. They will be able to apply the skills learned in training and use it in providing quality nursing services to patients, clients, or residents.

CNA Training Academy is also a provider of continuing education courses or CEU. Nursing assistants who want to enhance their career can pursue this kind, of course, to maintain their CNA license and become qualified to work in specific areas of a healthcare setting. Classes in all types of CNA training can be taken during the day, evening, or weekend. Working students do not have to sacrifice their job to study because they can do both at the same time. However, they should not commit any absences during the training and should meet the grade requirements for graduation. Moreover, the CNA training program of CNA Training Academy does not require a high school diploma or GED equivalent, and students taking the Continuing Education Units earn 33 credits at the end of the course.

Southern Technical Institute

The CNA training program of Southern Technical Institute is a short and rigorous healthcare course that allows the graduates to sit for the state certification exam and work in the healthcare field as Certified Nursing Assistants. Classes are often flexible to accommodate working students who cannot compromise their job for a healthcare course. However, every student who is enrolled in the CNA training program of Southern Technical Institute should get a grade of 85% in all components of the course and must avoid committing absences to become qualified for graduation.

The CNA training program combines classroom instruction with hands-on clinical practice. Students undergo hours of lectures and skills training to have a better understanding of the profession and become equipped with knowledge and skills in the clinical rotation. A licensed clinical instructor will guide the students in training, especially during the clinical rotations. The program itself has a small class size to promote an individualized instruction. Therefore, participants will graduate with confidence and competence to take the state certification exam.

Prospective students of the CNA training program must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. A criminal background check and health screening are also required for admission. Southern Technical Institute offers an affordable healthcare course to aspiring nursing assistants. In fact, the school provides free training to those who did not pass the certification exam. They will make sure that anyone who graduates in their institution will earn a license as a nursing assistant.

Aguilas International Technical Institute

Aguilas International Technical Institute is also offering a Nursing Assistant program that is approved by the Florida Board of Nursing, the National Healthcare Association (NHA), and Florida Department of Education. Graduates become eligible for the state certification exam and become employed in different medical settings. The CNA training program is made up of theoretical learning and clinical rotations. Students go through hours of classroom instruction which includes several nursing topics like anatomy and physiology, fundamentals of nursing, nutrition, infection control, medical terminologies, and many others. This also covers a skills training in a simulation lab to prepare the students for the hands-on clinical rotations and state certification exam.

Prospective students of the CNA training program of Aguilas International Technical Institute have to submit a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They are also required to undergo a criminal background investigation, drug screening, and TB testing. Once accepted into the healthcare course, students have to make a full-time commitment to study the program. Absences are discouraged during the training and participants to have to achieve a grade of 85% and above.

Aguilas International Technical Institute has one of the best training programs for aspiring nursing assistants. Graduates are provided with practice tests and skills training to equip them for the certification exam and give them higher chances of passing. They also assist those certification exam passers to get a permanent employment in a skilled nursing facility. Individuals who failed in the test are also given free review courses.

National Nursing Institute

The National Nursing Institute offers a Nurse Assistant Training Program which is designed to prepare students for employment in several healthcare facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, and many others. The program is a combined classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice which gives an adequate knowledge and skills to anyone who wishes to enter in the healthcare field. Different nursing topics and skills training are discussed in the program including the fundamentals of nursing, anatomy, and physiology, nutrition, medical terminologies, infection control, the range of motion exercises, feeding, bathing, and grooming patients, taking vital signs, and many others. Upon completing the classroom instruction, students will have a hands-on clinical rotation in a local nursing facility. They will be supervised by a licensed clinical instructor who has years of experience in the medical field.

The CNA training program of the National Nursing Institute takes place several times a year. Possible students should be at least 18 years old. A high school diploma or GED equivalent is necessary but not required. However, applicants need to undergo and pass the criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing. The CNA training program has a limited class size that is why interested students should apply before the deadline closes.

Moreover, the healthcare course costs around $399 and another $50 for the registration fee. Individuals who cannot provide for the CNA training can apply for scholarships, loans, or grants in their Financial Aid Office. These financial assistance programs are available to help deserving students get a CNA training at a low cost.

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