CNA Classes in Tampa FL

With the right CNA training in Tampa, individuals can go on to become certified nursing assistants working in various capacities at health care facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals and hospices. CNA training prepares students for life as nursing assistant where they will get to work closely with nurse and doctors. A CNA certification may be used as launching vehicle for a career in nursing and is issued by the Florida Board of Nursing.

School Requirements

Most Tampa CNA programs require that students be in possession of a high school diploma as grounds for admission. Students are also expected to be physically strong enough to handle the demands of the job. Other requisites may include a criminal background check and drug test. There are dozens of accredited centers offering CNA training in Tampa and the rest of Florida. Many of these offer flexible study schedules such as day programs, evening programs and part time programs. Students may choose to study for the theoretical part of the course by completing online courses. A popular destination for CNA training in Tampa is the Galen College of Nursing.

Certification Requirements

To be eligible for the Florida CNA certification, the state requires that students complete approved CNA training in Tampa or another other city within the state. Students are expected to have completed a minimum of 120 hours of training including of 40 hours supervised clinical.

The state does not require that all applicants apply for the exam immediately after completing their CNA training in Tampa or any other center. It is however recommended. In the event that a person fails the exam three times, the state will require that the individuals complete an accredited nurse training program before retrying the test.

Job Expectancy

Florida is home to the 4th largest population of working nursing aids with approximately 88,900 of them employed in various capacities around the state. In total, Florida is home to roughly 6% of the nursing assistants in the country. The average annual income for CNAs within the state is $23,700. The top salary bracket is $30,000 while the lower bracket is $18,100. The state hourly wage ranges from $8.80 to $14.50. Unlike many states, individuals who have completed CNA training in Tampa may be able to work for as much as four months before writing the Florida CNA exam. The U.S Bureau of Labor estimates that the number of jobs for CNAs will grown by 20% over the next 10 years.

CNA Certification Renewal and Transfer

Tampa, Florida CNA certifications expire on the 31st of December. CNAs are expected to apply for a renewal, 120 days before the expiration lapses. CNAs who fail to renew their license after two years may be required to enroll for fresh CNA training in Tampa to retake the state nursing exam. Individuals with licenses from other states who wish to be transferred to Tampa will be required to have a background check before their application is approved.