CNA Classes in Washington

Washington has many training programs for those interested in becoming a certified nursing assistant, though the title is more commonly referred to as a NAC or Nurse Assistant- Certified in this state. The courses can be expensive and certain aides may be able to qualify for grants to cover their educational course. Some facilities (long term care) may offer NAC training; this training is provided for free and may also be a paid training course.

Washington CNA Training Requirements

The courses in Washington must be at least 85 hours long and have two sections: written and clinical. An additional training course will need to be completed before the student can sit for the state’s final NAC exam. The additional course if about 7 hours long and focuses on HIV and AIDS. Students will need to have proof of this extra training when they challenge the final exam. Out of state aides must complete this training before they can apply for reciprocity or to sit for the final examination. Student nurses may also petition the state to be allowed to challenge the final examination, most nursing courses will have the 7 hour training course on HIV and AIDS (or blood borne pathogens) in the basic nursing course.

Washington CNA Examination Information

The state’s final exam is also the federal CNA exam. All states have a two-portion exam – written multiple choice and a manual skills evaluation. The written test consists of 72 multiple-choice questions and must be passed before the student can take the manual section. Manual skills are demonstrated on 5 of the 25 skills learned during training. No student may be certified if they are unable to receive a passing grade on both sections of the test. As per federal mandate, the student may only sit for the exam three times if they have failed. After three tries without a passing grade, the student must retake training.

Washington CNA Certification Renewal

Renewal of the nurse aide’s certification is every two years. The aide must provide proof of working in a for-pay capacity during the previous twenty-four months. Failure to provide this proof or failure to complete the renewal paperwork in full will result in the certification lapsing. A lapsed certification will disqualify the aide from working as a NAC and the aide may need to re-take the entire NAC training course and / or the final exam before being allowed to work again. There is a small fee for re-certification.