CNA classes in Winston Salem

There are a lot to discover at Winston Salem which is located in North Carolina. One of the most important things to discover is that there is a huge medical industry in this area and it continues to grow yearly. Those who aspire to be part of the medical professionals need proper educational training. One of the most in demand medical course is the CNA. In fact, there are a growing number of CNA classes in Winston Salem. Entering in this profession can give you a lot of benefits and privileges as well.

CNA classes in Winston Salem

The CNA classes in Winston Salem should be in accordance to the North Carolina Department of Health. Those who plan to take CNA classes in Winston Salem should have a minimum of 75 hours of CNA educational training program course. 16 hours of that should be spent in clinical work experience.  When you have finished the training course, the board exam for nursing aide North Carolina is then taken by those who aspire to have a license.

The examination is divided into two parts which is written and skills assessment portion. The written examination is in multiple choices while the skills assessment portion is to test the skills of the person. When you pass, you can see your name in the North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry.

Free CNA classes in Winston Salem

Key employers in Winston Salem often provide Free CNA classes in Winston Salem in exchange for the person working for them after they finish their educational training and get their license. This is a good two shot deal for the person. You will not worry about anything but passing the training education and the examination proper. Some of the famous key employers in Winston Salem are Brenner Children’s Hospital and Forsyth Medical Center.

CNA courses in Winston Salem

Those who want to be a CNA in Winston Salem should enroll in training schools which offer CNA courses in Winston Salem. You can go to the North Carolina Department of Health with regards to the listings of the schools that are accredited and approved. The following are some of the options you could consider enrolling to:

  • Goodwill Industries


They offer skills training classes for CNA aspirants which are held in the workforce development centers. They aid you in learning the right things to helping you look for the job that fits you.

  • Mount Eagle College


This is a known academic institution that promotes holistic training and quality education. They are known to produce top of the line CNA professionals and provide two portions of CNA programs. They allow you to have both a Hybrid Online CNA program and Traditional in class CNA program.

  • Forsythe Tech


They have the best professors who are skilled and experienced enough to provide the high quality of education to those who are willing to learn from them. Aside from that, they make sure that their programs are in line with the regulations which are set by the North Carolina Department of Health.

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