CNA Courses in Maine

Certified Nursing Assistants are healthcare professionals that perform several tasks particularly in caring the patients in need. With the ageing baby boomer generation, it is no doubt why there is an increasing demand of healthcare professionals. This stable and rewarding career can be done through CNA courses in Maine. If you want to embark this career path, you have to pass the training program as well as the certification in order to work legibly as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

CNA training in Maine

There are several schools and healthcare institutions that offer CNA training in Maine. However, it is important to take note that the state’s Board of Nursing has increased the required number of hours for CNA training program effective January 1, 2010. Instead of 150 hours, an aspiring CNA should undergo 180 hours of classroom and clinical training. The 180 hour curriculum is consisting of 90 hours classroom training, 20 hours skills laboratory and 70 hours supervised clinical practice.

Make sure that as you enrol in a CNA training program, the facility should be state approved and is accredited by the Department of Health and Human Services of Maine. In order to be eligible in the course program, you have to be 16 years old and above with a clean criminal record. There will be a background check, fingerprinting and TB check and any violations will disqualify you from the program. In addition to this, you will also be required to present a document that you finished ninth grade.

Free CNA courses in Maine

With regards to free CNA courses in Maine, there are several facilities in Maine that offers it. The Maine Medical Center is the primary source of paid CNA training around the state. In fact, several people who were accepted in this program worked in the Maine Medical Center itself or to other healthcare facilities. The goal of the program is to provide free CNA training to those who cannot afford and are seeking a stable employment in the healthcare field. Some nursing homes in Maine also offer paid CNA training but you have to pass on their application first before you can avail it.

Online CNA courses in Maine

CNA courses in Maine can also be done through the internet. Since it is understandable that other people cannot compromise their current work, they can enrol to online CNA courses in Maine. This kind of training program is very flexible and requirements are similar to schools and other facilities. However, right after this, you have to complete a clinical training in a certain facility. This is to meet the standards set by the state’s Board of Nursing.  Fees for such training vary and always look for state approved online classes.

As soon as you finish the CNA courses in Maine, you have to pass the certification exam before you can work in any healthcare facilities. Always keep your license active by renewing it after 24 months. The Board of Nursing will regulate all CNA activities as well as licensing or renewal concerns so keep posted on their latest updates.