CNA Programs in Arizona

Flexible working schedules and job security are the two main benefits of a Certified Nursing Assistant career. CNAs are the primary healthcare provider to attend the needs of patients in long term care facilities, nursing homes, clinics and hospitals. Taking the CNA programs in Arizona will help you acquire the necessary skills needed in different areas of medicine including geriatrics, paediatrics, as well as labor and delivery. In fact, you will also learn several skills like patient hygiene, charting, technical treatments, diagnostic procedures, and many others. These skills are very important in serving the patients and other members of the healthcare team.

Free CNA Programs in Arizona

Most of the CNA programs in Arizona costs around $1,000 or more. This does not include books, scrubs, and other fees needed for CNA certification. In case you cannot afford the corresponding fees, free CNA programs in Arizona are available. This paid CNA training is not common but it is usually offered in healthcare facilities that needs several CNA’s for their institution. Availing this will require you to undergo a screening process and if you successfully pass, you have to sign an agreement of working on their institution after getting certified. This will be inn exchange to the free CNA program you availed from them.

Accredited CNA Programs in Arizona

The State Board of Nursing has the complete list of accredited CNA programs in Arizona. These CNA programs in Arizona follow the 120-hour curriculum of the state with variety of topics ranging from basic nursing skills to patient care competencies. In addition to this, the training covers practical as well as theoretical knowledge in order to make you equipped in handling the patients and working with the members of the healthcare team.

Among the facility programs approved by the Arizona State Board of Nursing are Red Rock Care Rehab, Good Samaritan Society-Prescott Village and Life Care Center of North Glendale. Schools and colleges offering state approved CNA programs are Brookline College, Arizona Western College, Gateway Community College and many others.

CNA Certification Programs in Arizona

CNA certification programs in Arizona should always be in accordance to the rules made by the state and the federal government. Beware of CNA programs that are not accredited because it will disqualify you from the certification exam. The Arizona State Board of Nursing requires all the applicants to submit the necessary application forms, fees and fingerprinting through their website or main office.

The certification exam should be taken within two years after the completion of the training program. Be able to present a proof of CNA training program completion approved by the state together with a document stating that you have worked as a nursing assistant in a certain facility for 45 hours. In case you were unable to take the exam within 2 years, you can still undergo the certification exam but a proof of 160-hour employment as a nursing assistant should be provided.

Passing the certification exam allows you to work legibly in healthcare facilities. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant does not only provide a rewarding career but it also gives you personal and professional growth. If you want to jumpstart in the medical field, take CNA programs in Arizona at state approved facilities.