CNA Resume- Things To Keep In Mind

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The purpose of any good resume is to make sure that you stand out on paper to increase your chances of gaining an interview. A CNA resume is no exception to this rule. The common mistake that many new CNAs make is that they believe that the resume should launch them directly into their dream nursing job, but this is not the case. The entire focus of the resume needs to be on getting you to the next step in the hiring process, which is the interview. The modern-day interviewer receives a lot of resumes from other enthusiastic, hungry CNAs that want to acquire the same job that you have your eye on. Therefore, it goes without saying that competition is very fierce.

There are a few things that you can do to your resume in order to stand out. First, you want to think about the way the information will be presented. Remember that the person screening the resumes is very busy, so readability will be more of a priority than anything else. Images should be kept small or simply held out of the picture completely, since you can never be certain how they will render once the interviewer has your resume printed out in front of them. In addition, you will want to make sure that the font is large enough to be seen without making your resume go into too many pages.

In the case of building the best CNA resume possible, there is such a concept as a resume that is too long. Ideally, entry and mid-level CNAs should keep their resumes to no more than one or two pages. Since a resume is a tool designed to secure an interview, the short length forces you to stick only to the highlights of your career up to the current day. Anything more than the highlights will most likely not be read. A common mistake that many new CNAs make is that they include unnecessary information that is not completely relevant to the larger goal of securing an interview. This usually manifests in the form of a list of references or a separate page for them. This is unnecessary since most application forms will include space for you to include references; the interviewer can then check on your references after they’ve determined your overall fitness as a candidate for the open position.

With respect to the information itself, there’s plenty of tips you can put into play immediately to turn an ordinary CNA resume into an extraordinary one. The strongest tip is to summarize your overall accomplishments at the top of the resume. Making good use of the first few lines of your resume can provide very important when it comes time for the recruiter to make the final decisions around what applicants to actually call in for an interview. Again, it bears repeating that the resume’s sole purpose is to move you to the next step of the hiring process; a good CNA resume will be enough to get you an opportunity for an interview. After that point, you will need strong persuasion skills to convince the interviewer that you are truly the best person for the job. Memorizing your achievements based off of your CNA resume is a great way to give yourself the confidence needed to really wow the interviewer.

All things considered, a CNA resume can truly be considered one of the key starting points to a great career that will last for many years to come. It is very important to take as much time as you need to make sure you have the best resume possible as you begin your search for the perfect CNA job!