CNA training Albany NY

Certified Nursing Assistants in Albany are paid as much as $33,000 per year. Their services are in high demand in several areas, including long-term care facilities, rehab centers, nursing homes, and hospitals. By enrolling in one of the many CNA Classes in Albany NY you will be joining an exciting, challenging job sector that will be in high demand for many years to come. According to CNN, since the recession, health care has been the single biggest sector for job growth, and this won’t be changing anytime soon. Read on to discover more about CNA training in Albany, and discover where you can go to find free CNA classes available in the city, as well as popular schools to enroll in.

CNA Training in Albany

Albany Certified Nursing Assistants are mandated to attend a training program that is regulated by the state. It should provide no less than 105 hours of combined theoretical and clinical training, the latter of which is performed in the presence of a Registered Nurse and in a selected health care facility such as a nursing home or a hospital.

The state doesn’t specify any age requirement for CNA application, but almost all training schools accept only those who are at least 16 to 18 years old. They should also have a high school diploma or a GED certification and show proficiency in the English language.

CNA students can choose various training programs in the city. Some schools provide hybrid classes, where lectures are often conducted online to save time and money. There are also CNA programs for adults or individuals who have already graduated in another course, preferably related to health care.

Most of the classes are on weekdays for at least 4 hours. This way, the entire training is shortened, lasting between 3 to 4 weeks.

CNA Classes in Albany NY

Capital District EOC
30 North Russell Rd
Albany, New York 12206
(518) 273-1900

Schenectady County Community College
NYS Department of Labor-One Stop
175 Central Ave, 3rd Floor
Albany, New York
(518) 621-4007

Being a Certified Nursing Assistant is not only a noble career but is also rewarding one. With the economic recession that lost several jobs, the healthcare field becomes a better option for those who are seeking a stable and well compensated career. Undergoing a CNA training Albany NY is one of the best ways to enter the medical field. The program takes few weeks or months to complete so you can start working and earning as well. Just find a school or facility that offers the best training in order for you to become equipped and competent in the healthcare field.

Free CNA training Albany NY

When speaking of free CNA training Albany NY, these can be obtained through nursing homes, hospitals and long term care facilities. The reason why they provide it for free is they need more healthcare professionals to work on their institution. Hence, once you are done with the training and you get certified, you will be obliged to work on their facility based on the agreed number of months or years of services. Make sure that as you avail free CNA training, the program should be approved by the New York State Department of Health. You cannot proceed to the certification exam if the program is not accredited so better make a thorough assessment first prior to enrolment of a CNA training Albany NY.

You can begin your search for free CNA classes in Albany in various health care facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals, and long-term care centers. Find those that are approved by Medicare and/or Medicaid since they normally provide paid training and reimburse you for the expenses you’ve incurred in the program. (Only those who have passed the NY competency exam and are part of the registry can take advantage of it).

Some of your options are:

  • Hudson Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
  • St. Peters Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
  • Rosewood Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
  • St. Margaret’s Center

Other facilities close to Albany are Van Rensselar Manor, Our Lady of Hope Residence, Riverside Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing, and Guilderland Center and ECF.

If you are looking for another career or have been out of work for a while, you can go to any of the adult learning centers in the city. They provide not just career counseling but also financial assistance such as free tuition coverage and job placement. They can also assist single mothers who are no less than 21 years old find ideal child care so they can go to school conveniently. Another department you can approach is the Vocational Rehabilitation of the New York State Education Department found at 99 Washington Avenue.

If you are currently working but earning no more than $6,000 annually, the Workforce1 Center may be able to assist you with a subsidy of more than $2,000.

Hospitals that offer CNA training Albany NY

There are several hospitals that offer CNA training Albany NY for free. If you spend time in looking for one, you will surely find the best hospital that can be a good training ground. First Care of New York is one of the home health companies that offer free PCA and HHA training to qualified individuals. If you meet their requirements, you will undergo training and be employed right away after getting certified. Meanwhile, Rochester Adult Education Center also provides free training programs. Qualified students will have lectures, clinical and lab trainings in preparation for the competency exam given by the New York State Nurse Aide Registry.

Other healthcare facilities that might provide training opportunities are; St Marys Hospital For Children Inc, Roscoe Regional Rehab, Beach Terrace Care Center, Sands Point Center For H & R and many others.

CNA certification Albany NY

Once you completed the training program, you will be required to take the examination for CNA certification Albany NY. Basically, the exam will be in two parts; written and skills demonstration tests. The application for this is done through the New York State Nurse Aide Registry. You should be able to complete the requirements and follow the guidelines in order to take it without hassles.

As soon as you pass, there will be a background check and fingerprinting done. Any criminal violations in the past will disqualify you from getting certified. In addition to this, the license you have as a Certified Nursing Assistant will be valid for two years. The New York State Nurse Aide Registry will send notification prior to expiration if there is a need for renewal.

Keep in mind that the CNA training Albany NY does not take so much of your time. Even if you are currently employed or you do not have the right amount of money to enrol, there are several ways to take the training program. Simply persevere and be wise in selecting a facility for the CNA classes.