CNA training Billings MT

Despite the economic recession, the healthcare field remains to grow and provide several job opportunities to people. In Billings, Montana, nursing homes, hospitals and other healthcare institutions are looking for nursing assistants that will provide primary care to patients in need. It only takes few months to be a Certified Nursing Assistant and the investment is not that big compared to a college course. Aside from that, being in the healthcare field is a stable career that is why taking the CNA training in Billings MT is a great option.

St John’s CNA training Billings MT

One of the eligible institutions for CNA training in Billings Montana is the St. John Lutheran Ministries. St John’s CNA training in Billings Montana provides accredited CNA program for individuals who want to pursue a career in the medical field. The program covers 80 hours of training in two weeks period. This will consist of classroom and clinical training taught by licensed nurse instructors. The entire practical training will be performed by the healthcare professionals of St. John. Once the course is complete, students will then be eligible to take the Montana State Certification provided by the Department of Public Health and Human Services.

CNA Training Classes Billings MT

For people who are unable to avail the CNA training program of St. John Lutheran Ministries, there are CNA training classes in Billings provided by several schools and healthcare facilities. These CNA programs should be state approved and accredited by the Department of Public Health and Human Services in order to eligibly take the certification exam. The entire program should be at least 96 hours of classroom and clinical training with special attention on the 37 skills required for nurse aide registration. Moreover, CNA students will also be required to take the Workplace English Training which aims to enhance the communication skills of CNA’s while providing the most excellent care to their patients. Some of the facilities offering CNA training Billings MT are Saint Vincent Healthcare and Eagle Cliff Manor.

CNA Training Programs Billings MT

The purpose of CNA training programs Billings Montana is to produce well-trained nursing assistants that will provide quality care to patients. The state requires 96 hours of training instead of the traditional 75-hour requirement because studies showed that the previous requirement is inadequate to prepare the CNA’s and make them equipped in the field. Inadequacy of training produces higher CNA turnover and with a better training, more excellent nursing assistants are produced and turnover is reduced. The Montana State Department of Public Health and Human Services provides pre-training screening, English training, remedial education and proper reimbursement on training and testing expenses. This is to ensure that CNA’s have undergone the best training program as much as possible with proper reimbursement on their expenses.

With the proper CNA training Billings received by all students, there is no reason for an applicant to fail for the certification exam. Certified Nursing Assistants in Montana receives an annual salary of $22,000 to $27,000 with health and dental benefits included. Any concerns related to licensing and renewal should be addressed to the Montana State Department of Public Health and Human Services.