CNA Training Louisville KY

Due to the increasing demand of healthcare professionals, CNA training Louisville KY is almost everywhere. Community colleges, universities, vocational schools and even healthcare institutions are offering CNA classes for interested individuals. The need for Certified Nursing Assistants is increasing every year as more and more people are seeking assistance on their health. This career is one of the rewarding jobs in the state. In fact, CNA’s can earn as much as $23,000 annually, depending on their specialization and skills. If you want to embark this career path, take the first step and be trained as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Louisville, Kentucky.

Red Cross CNA Training in Louisville KY

American Red Cross is a nationally recognized organization that provides several CNA training programs in 36 key cities of the country. If you take the Red Cross CNA training Louisville KY, you will be more prepared for the certification exam because their trainings are conducted by licensed and qualified healthcare professionals. Aside from that, the CNA training will include classroom lectures and hands-on training on the basic nursing skills like vital signs taking, patient care, equipment usage and many others. It will be worth the investment if you take the CNA training with them. Just keep posted on their training dates and venue in order to grab a slot on the CNA classes.

CNA Classes in Louisville KY

In case you are unable to enrol at Red Cross for the CNA training, you can avail the class in different state approved schools and nursing homes of Louisville KY. These state approved CNA classes Louisville KY often provide hands-on training as well as in-depth lectures on the different nursing skills. Take note that CNA training should only be done at state approved facilities. The Kentucky State Department of Health regulates all these schools and trainings. Among the state approved schools for CNA training Louisville KY are Wisdom & Health Institution, Kentucky Healthcare Training Institute, and Bluegrass Nurse Aide Training Center.

CNA Certification in Louisville Kentucky

The CNA training in Louisville KY will let you learn numerous skills essential in the healthcare field. These include wound care, infection control, communication skills, patient cleaning and care, assisting mobile and immobile patients, vital signs monitoring, proper assessment, and many others. Once you completed the training, you will have to take a certification exam given by the Kentucky State Board of Nursing. Applications for the exam should be submitted in the Prometric and any information related to test venue, time and fees are found on their site. Prometric will also give you an overview on what to expect on the exam and the things you need to prepare prior to it.

The certification exam is composed of two parts and you have to pass it in order to be an eligible nursing assistant. If you successfully pass, your name will be posted on the Kentucky State Board of Nursing. Employers usually look the names of their CNA applicants on the website of Kentucky State Board of Nursing prior to enrollment. Make sure that you keep your license active by renewing it every two years.