Free CNA Classes by Red Cross

Free nursing assistant training in American Red Cross can be availed at the institution itself or through different healthcare facilities. Qualified applicants will have to provide a proof that their work is 20 hours or less per week or $8 or less per hour. Whether you availed the training for free or with a fee, there are still requirements to complete prior to the class. First, they have to present a clean criminal record or an FBI check. If there are prohibitive offenses in the past, it might disqualify the applicant to take the program. Second, a complete immunization record including 2-step Mantoux test should be provided.

Nursing assistants should be physically healthy because they are the primary healthcare provider of patients. If an applicant is pregnant, she has to present a document signed by her OB physician that she can meet the occupational responsibilities. Occupational responsibilities means that a student can use her full hands, stand on long periods of time and can push, pull, bend, lift or move a patient weighing 35 to 50 lbs. Third, students have to pass a reading test, attend the orientation session and must have the qualifying age to take the certification exam. Some states will require the applicant to be 18 years old or above while others allow a 16-year old to take the exam.