Free CNA Classes in Alabama

Free CNA training in Alabama is often extended by various health care facilities through a hire-to-train program. The set-up starts off with the nursing home hiring aspiring nursing assistants as trainees, exposing them to all the duties that the job carries.

For those who cannot afford the paid CNA programs, there are free classes offered directly by certain colleges and universities, or indirectly by nursing homes and other health care facilities. The latter hire you as a health aide while sending you to a licensed CNA training school. It is usually expected that you render CNA service to the facility for a year or more, depending on the contract.

Some of the nursing homes that offer free CNA training include:

  • Green County Nursing Home
  • Brown Nursing Home
  • Bibb Medical Center
  • Birmingham Nursing and Rehabilitation

Community colleges that have free CNA classes/centers include:

  • Caroll Place Nurse Aid
  • Westminster Village
  • Lawson State Community College
  • Shelton State Community College