Free CNA Classes in Atlanta

Atlanta CNA students can now enroll in a good training program without spending too much money. The Covenant CNA School is just one of the institutions that work closely with the federal and state governments in the implementation of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). Students as young as 18 years old and high school graduates can already apply for financial aid, though the amount depends on a number of factors such as the actual cost of the tuition and family income.

If they don’t get accepted under the WIA program, they can apply for inclusion in the career training program under the Atlanta Job Corps. Besides the comprehensive training, successful candidates also receive other benefits such as allowance and accommodation.

Various institutions are very supportive to the troops, providing financial aid options to them and to their immediate families. These include tuition assistance that is ideal for those who are still in active service. The school requires for the advancement settlement of tuition from the office of the student. Veterans and other military personnel can also search for Atlanta schools that are under the Yellow Program, so their entire tuition fee is covered. Those who have suffered disability can also go to school under the vocational rehabilitation program.

It’s common among health care facilities to partner with schools for CNA programs, like Mercer University and Piedmont Healthcare. Employees of the latter can participate in the tuition benefit plan and study in Mercer.