Free CNA Classes in California

There are several ways to get access to free CNA classes in California.

– If you’re between 16 and 24 years old and can prove you lack the funding for additional education, you can visit the various Job Corps centers found across California. Inland Empire, Sacramento, Long Beach and Los Angeles locations currently offer this Certified Nursing Assistant training at no cost. Further, as a student member, you can choose to stay in well-appointed accommodations and receive allowances each month. The Corps can also help you after graduation through placement assistance as well as career and relocation counseling.

– Homestead Schools Incorporated also offers free CNA classes that last approximately 5 weeks. The uniforms and cost of training materials are also covered. The different centers for the Regional Occupational Program also conduct free CNA classes to those who need to retake the examination. For first-timers, the tuition fee is around $250.

– If you are currently in the health care industry but want to specialize or enhance your skill in nursing aide, you can enroll through the California Long-term Care Education Center. You also have the option of approaching hospitals, clinics, hospices, and nursing homes to gain experience. A number of these facilities will sponsor your training as long as you work for them over a period of years during or after the program.