Free CNA Classes in Colorado

For those with budget restrictions, there are a couple ways to get access to CNA classes for free. For starters, check out the various training programs offered by colleges and universities and find out if they provide scholarships or grants. Some of them also extend loans that you can pay off a few years after graduation.

– The Goodwill Industries of Colorado Springs also provides CNA trainings, though its schedule can be inconsistent. You can check their website for the latest updates. The main purpose of the program is to help individuals, especially those who are already working, find more options in the health care industry. These class sizes are limited so it pays to be diligent.

A number of health care facilities, such as nursing homes and hospices, partner with training centers to offer CNA classes. These facilities sponsor their employees to attend the academy and pay for their tuition and learning. In turn, upon graduating the program, students are obliged to render services to their employer usually for a period of at least two years. We recommend you contact the following centers for further information:

  • Four Corners Health Care Center
  • Christian Living Campus
  • Little Sisters of the Poor
  • Fowler Health Care Center
  • Camellia Care Center
  • Mountain Vista Health Center
  • Skyline Ridge
  • North Colorado Medical Center

Another option is to approach your local community center or church. St. Luke’s Ministry, an outreach arm of Savior’s Lutheran Church, extends partial scholarships to men and women – particularly single mothers who cannot afford paid CNA classes. However, since the church is highly dependent on the contributions and donations of its members, the number of sponsored students and the amount of assistance available varies from year to year.