Free CNA Classes In Michigan

In order to work as a CNA in Michigan, it is required that an individual first complete training, followed by successful completion of a state exam and finally placement on the Michigan Nurse Aide Registry.  Once certification is obtained, it is valid for a period of two years, after which time it is necessary for another exam and certification process to take place.

Many free CNA classes in Michigan are offered to assist those who want to complete these steps and earn certification as a Nurse Aide. Many of these schools train inside the classroom and in clinical settings for only a few short weeks. While the classes are not technically free, many nursing homes will provide tuition reimbursement, and financial aid is also available. There may be other programs in your city to help cover the CNA classes’ costs. Some of the best classes across the state include the following.

You check it out in certain training center institutions or you can also check it out via the Michigan Board of Nursing. Those who are hard up in life can benefit from such privilege. They are often the main reason why such things are given. In applying, you must see to it that you match the criteria and submit the necessary requirements which they have imposed.

Aside from that, there are key employers who offer you job plus an opportunity to study and attend free CNA classes in Michigan. This is like hitting two stone at a time, as the old cliché goes. You get the opportunity to work after you pass the exam and acquire your license. You can check out the medical facilities in Michigan State website.

Many colleges, vocational schools, training centers, and universities offer Michigan CNA classes. However, if you’re after a free program, you have a much higher chance of joining one through various health care facilities and organizations.

The Red Cross is an international organization that currently offers a wide range of health care programs such as baby-sitting and certified nursing assistant. Normally, a course that runs for a few weeks’ costs around a thousand dollars or more. But if you are earning no more than $40,000 a year, you may search for a free class and be qualified for it. This is in line with the state’s No Worker Left Behind Act. You may start asking for more information from your local chapter.

Nursing homes, hospitals, and clinics also provide free training, though it may not be conducted at their center but in their affiliated or partner school. Keep in mind, however, they usually prioritize present CNAs who need proper certification to continue working. Some of the health care facilities you can check out are Alamo Nursing Home, Allegan County Medical Care Facility, Bay County Medical Care Facility, Bayside Village, Willowbrook Manor, and Whitehills Medical Center.

Organizations such as the Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids and job corps centers in Detroit and Flint/Genesee provide the financial support you need to spend less or even zero expense for your training. The job corps, specifically, offers free tuition as well as room and meals until you can graduate.

Advanced Med Training is located in Grand Rapids, MI. The training center provides one of the lowest cost CNA programs in the state at only $99, including textbook and supply fees. Although one of the lowest prices courses in the state, the center still provides quality training by RNs. Through this program, individuals can learn the proper methods of taking care of patients in long-term care facilities, as well as patients’ rights and more.

Valley Training Center has locations in Bay City as well as in Mt. Pleasant. Each of the programs provides the appropriate training and skills to earn certification as a Nurse Assistant. Should you choose to enroll in this school, you will receive 75 hours of state-approved training, taught by a RN.

Tuition cost at VTC is $950 plus a charge of $10 for a criminal background check. Students are responsible for their own uniforms and must wear white shoes.  It is also mandatory that a TB skin test be taken and a physical examination. Day and evening classes are offered, with approximately three weeks of training provided to enrolled students.

Healthy Focus  is another great CNA training program found in the state. This training center is located in Muskegon and offers a four-week training class. The training provides all in attendance with the tools needed to pass the state exam and earn certification quickly. Classroom and clinical training is available through the facility.

 If you are looking to work in the medical field but cannot devote years to training, or if you prefer to get a sneak peak at what to expect before you do, working as a CNA could be exactly what you are after. Contacting one of the above free CNA classes in Michigan will help you make the move to an exciting new career you are sure to love as you can see there are CNA classes scattered throughout the state. Once you complete the training and become certified, you can expect a rewarding career that earns you an average of $25,000 per year. What could be more exciting than this?