Free CNA Classes in Minnesota

Is it possible to get free CNA classes in Minnesota? Yes, and you actually have a lot of great choices. One, you can start with the various health care facilities all around the state. These include nursing homes, rehab centers, hospitals, and clinics. Many of these places provide free CNA programs to their employees to ensure they can render service for longer periods of time.

The state also requires employers to reimburse your training costs (subject to certain terms and conditions) if you are hired no more than a year after you’ve completed the program. If you’re already working as a CNA, you have 90 days to present receipt of your expenses for reimbursement.

You may inquire about free CNA classes in the following nursing homes:

  • Adams Health Care Center
  • Andrew Residence
  • Assumption Home
  • Barrett Care Center
  • Benedictine Health Center Innsbruck
  • Bethany Care Center
  • Truman Senior Living
  • Valley View Nursing Home
  • Warroad Care Center
  • Sunnyside Care Center

If you have a local chapter of the American Red Cross, you can drop by and ask if they provide occasional CNA classes without charge. Usually, the program combines both CNA modules and CPR course.