Free CNA Classes in Mississippi

It’s very common among health care facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes to provide regular CNA classes, especially if they have to maintain a certain percentage of workforce. Sometimes they conduct these trainings themselves with the help of their regular nurses or they partner with schools that already have CNA programs in place.

On the other hand, Mississippi is one of those states that require health care facilities under Medicare or Medicaid to reimburse training costs incurred by a student if he is hired within a year after his program completion. The student can also present his cost receipts within 3 months after he has fulfilled the CNA training requirement.

Some of the Medicare/Medicaid health care facilities in Mississippi are:

  • Arbor Walk Health Care Center
  • Attala County Nursing Center
  • Biloxi Community Living Center
  • Wisteria Gardens
  • Heritage Manor
  • Janesville Nursing Home
  • Lake Minnetonka Care Center
  • Madonna Towers of Rochester Inc.
  • Northfield City Hospital

Red Cross has regular CNA classes. Though most of them are paid, sometimes they provide free ones in the form of scholarships. This means you’re given a certain amount to cover all your training expenses. Schools also offer scholarships; an example is Holmes, which has SkillsUSA scholarships, intended for those who’ve won the contest of the same name. Gulfport, Finch-Henry job corps includes CNA as one of its career trainings.