Free CNA Classes in New Jersey

CNAs who are looking for free trainings in New Jersey have a lot of options. One, many health care facilities are allowed by the Board of Nursing to create their own CNA program. Those who currently have unlicensed CNAs can do so under the UAP (unlicensed assistive personnel) curriculum. Some of them hire trainees, so you can now study while earning some money. Meanwhile, health care centers that are recognized by Medicaid or Medicare are required by federal law to refund the training expenses of a certified nursing assistant if one is hired within 12 months after he has completed the program. Some Medicare/Medicaid facilities in the state are:

  • Allendale Nursing Home
  • Applewood Estates
  • The Woodlands
  • Windsor Gardens Care Center
  • Virtua Health and Rehab Mount Holly
  • Victoria Manor
  • Summit Ridge Center
  • Seabrook Village Renaissance Gardens

Camtech, one of the popular training centers for CNAs in Delaware and New Jersey, help students find jobs after completion. They also work closely with the state’s department of labor for applicants who need some financial assistance.

Many training centers also extend veterans aid for military personnel who have no background in nursing assistance while during active duty. High school graduates who need financial aid can go to Edison Job Corps Center.