Free CNA Classes in Seattle WA

Seattle houses numerous training centers that caters towards CNA aspirants. The important thing to consider is that you enter in a course that is state-approved. You need to at least look for a proof of notification for the approval of state.

A way to get CNA classes for free in Seattle, WA, you have several options. First option would be to get hired by local care home or nursing home. There is growing need for CNAs in all of these institutions, so often they provide free CNA classes as part of their overall training programs for the nursing aides. There are many nursing homes in Seattle, WA where you could find potential employment! Some of the better known ones are- Seattle Medical And Rehabilitation Centre, Bayview Retirement Community, Kline Galland and PRCN.

Do keep in mind, that there is no point in calling them and asking for free CNA training over the phone. First you need to find out if they are hiring people at all. If they do, you need to find out what kind of free training comes with it. Only this way you can get free CNA classes through nursing homes in Seattle.

Another great source of information is the Washington State Department Of Health and Washington State Nurse Association. Sometimes they list information about possible grants and scholarships for certified nursing assistants.