Free CNA training in Baltimore MD

If you think of working in Baltimore, being in the medical field is the most stable and rewarding career. Even if you are not a college graduate, you can be a nursing assistant and have a good paying salary. Becoming a nursing assistant in Baltimore takes few weeks only as long as you pass the training and certification exam. If you cannot afford the training, you can avail a free CNA training in Baltimore MD. Nursing homes, hospitals and long term healthcare facilities are looking for CNA’s and if you are one of them, you can easily get employed to any of these institutions. Simply know where to get the training and be equipped for a great career ahead of you.

Paid CNA training in Baltimore MD

Some hospitals or nursing homes that urgently need nursing assistants offer paid CNA training in Baltimore MD. However, there are also some institutions that reimburse your expenses on the training program once you get employed to their facility. Just do a little research if you want to avail this. If you are unfortunate enough, do not worry. After you get certified, there are several healthcare institutions waiting for you so you can always have a job. Make sure that the facility offering the free CNA training in Baltimore MD is approved by the state. Maryland Higher Education Commission has the list of state approved facilities offering CNA training. You can take a look on their website and contact the schools one by one.

CNA courses in Baltimore MD

CNA courses Baltimore MD can be availed at several recognized schools and healthcare institutions. Baltimore Academy of Nursing Assistants offers six weeks CNA training with classroom lectures and clinical exposure. A registered nurse will teach the students about basic nursing skills in order to equip them in the certification exam and their career in the future. Meanwhile, The Caroline Center is also a source of CNA classes. This institution provides assistance to unemployed or underemployed women through paid or inexpensive education, training and support. Students who are eligible to take the training program will have the opportunity to join clinical internships in nursing homes that can lead them for an employment. Lastly, Stein Academy offers affordable programs to individuals who want are interested in studying allied health courses, career development and technology. The CNA program in this school lasts to five weeks. These three institutions are approved by Maryland State Board of Nursing.

CNA certification in Baltimore Maryland

CNA certification in Baltimore MD can be achieved once you finish the training program. There will be a certification exam given by the Maryland State Board of Nursing in order to assess the competency of nursing assistants. If you pass the exam right away, your name will be listed on the Nurse Aide Registry of the state. However, if you failed, you are still given two chances. If, on the third time you did not pass the exam, the state requires a re-training. The license you have as a CNA is valid for two years and renewal can be done through the website of Maryland State Board of Nursing.