Free CNA Training in CT

Ever wished of working in the medical field? Good news! You can be a Certified Nursing Assistant in just a short amount of time without the need for a college degree. All you have to do is to take the CNA training program and pass the certification exam administered by the state board. If you think money is a hindrance, you can take a free CNA training in CT. This training prepares you for the exam and your career in the medical field. Aside from that, this is a great opportunity to be employed in any of the healthcare institutions in Connecticut. Know where to take it now and prepare for a rewarding career ahead.

How to become a CNA for free in CT?

There are several ways on how to become a CNA for free. First, have a complete list of nursing homes and hospitals in Connecticut. Some of these healthcare institutions will offer paid CNA training because they are looking for nursing assistants who can work for them for free while undergoing the program. Second, search for scholarships funded by the Connecticut State Department of Health. There are times when they offer scholarships to qualified individuals and the training program will be conducted in an affiliated facility. Check their website from time and time and know the requirements needed for the free CNA training in CT. Third, try to ask the healthcare institutions in Connecticut whether they offer free CNA training as long as you work for them after getting certified. This may be a little sacrifice on your part but it is a good move to gain employment right after getting certified. Lastly, inquire at American Red Cross or Air Force Society. They offer paid CNA classes for people who are qualified.

Certified Nursing Assistant programs in CT

Certified Nursing Assistant programs in CT is required in different states of America in order to ensure that a person is qualified to work in healthcare facilities. In order to be certified, you have to complete a state approved CNA program and pass the state competency examination 24 months after its completion. The state requires 100 hours of training program with the supervision of a Registered Nurse. If you are having a hard time finding a CNA training program, you can view the websites of Connecticut Department of Public Health, Division of Health Systems Regulation and Bureau of Healthcare Systems. These offices approved nursing aide programs of community colleges, vocational schools, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, nursing homes and even long term care facilities.

CNA certification programs in CT

The CNA certification programs in CT will help you achieve your goal of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. Although free CNA training in CT is quite an investment of time and money, you can still work and earn as soon as you get certified. The Connecticut State Board of Nursing under the Department of Public Health administers the certification exam and you have to pass it in order to be listed on the Nurse Aide Registry. Before you can take the exam, you also have to pass a criminal background check and fingerprinting. The license as a CNA is valid for two years and re-certification is necessary prior to expiration. Make sure that you can present a minimum of 8-hour shift in the last 24 months so that your renewal will be approved.