Free CNA Training in Milwaukee WI

We may not be able avail it all the time but there is actually a free CNA training in Milwaukee WI. This program trains the students in preparation for the certification exam and their career in the medical field. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant provides a stable career considering the number of hospitals, nursing homes and long term care facilities that are looking for them. Unlike a 4-year college course, CNA trainings take a short period of time with a little investment to make. This can also be a venue for personal and professional growth as CNAs have challenging and rewarding responsibilities. If you want to be in this career, take the first step in undergoing CNA training.

CNA Courses in  Milwaukee WI

CNA courses Milwaukee WI takes 6 to 12 weeks to complete and it can be around 90 to 220 hours all in all. Several universities and medical facilities are providing these training programs with a Registered Nurse to facilitate the classroom lectures and clinical exposure. Since this is just a short course, students can be certified within a year. However, it is important to take the CNA course in a state approved facility so that you will be qualified for the certification exam. Be aware that there is still a fee involved even if you availed a free CNA training in Milwaukee WI. Hence, be prepared physically and financially prior to enrolment. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services is responsible for the certification, licensing and renewal of nursing assistants. They also have the complete list of state approved facilities in the state so check their website for more questions.

Certified Nursing Assistant Training in Milwaukee WI

As of the moment, there are a number of schools and healthcare facilities offering certified nursing assistant training Milwaukee WI. Among them is the Aurora Health Care that offers an employment-based CNA training program. This community based and non-profit healthcare provider is affiliated with Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center so applicants have to be employed prior to the training. CNA trainings in Aurora Health Care take several times throughout the year. Although there is a $500 fee, students are being paid as employee trainees. Meanwhile, Milwaukee Center for Independence also provides CNA training to people who want to secure a career in the healthcare profession. Students are required to finish 20 hours of clinical training aside from the 120-hour course study in order to graduate. Lastly, Community Health Care Training Center also offers 120-hour training for aspiring CNA’s. The curriculum covers 88 hours classroom lectures and laboratory sessions along with 32 hours clinical training.

CNA certification Milwaukee WI

CNA certification Milwaukee WI follows right after completing the free CNA training in Milwaukee WI. As a federal law, students have to take the certification exam within 24 months. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services requires the applicants to undergo a criminal background check and fingerprinting prior to the exam. If the state found a criminal offense, the applicant will not be allowed to take the certification exam. As soon as you successfully passed the exam, your license will be valid for two years and re-certification is necessary.