Maintaining Your Health as CNA

Much of the daily care that CNA’s provide their patients is of a physical nature making it vital that they pay special attention to their own flexibility and overall health. Lifting or rotating clients, helping them dress, wash and exercise can be taxing procedures for all health care aids. Injuries as a result of improper lifting and diminished energy are common complaints but with proper care these issues can, for the most part, be avoided.

A regular exercise routine, especially those that include weight lifting will go a long way in strengthening one’s body and will significantly improve energy levels.

The dangers of not following established lifting procedures are taught extensively and in great detail in all CNA training programs. All certified nursing assistants should regularly review these techniques and there are many online CNA certification review courses that one is able to take on their own time to help in this area.

Although physical strength and flexibility are crucial for all health care aids, caring for people in various states of health can be emotionally taxing as well. It is virtually impossible to not become somewhat attached to the people we care for every day, especially as we often watch their health deteriorate. Sudden setbacks or an unexpected serious illness of a patient can have a tremendous impact on an emotional level. Professionals working in this field derive great benefit from engaging in various uplifting activities with family or friends. Talking to those that are close to us or a professional counselor can also help in providing a constructive and therapeutic outlet.

Mental health is also being a major concern as many CNA’s find it difficult to maintain a healthy work/life balance. With an increased workload and a shortage of certified nursing assistants one must be very vigilant about not taking on too many extra shifts as this will weigh heavily on anyone’s mental health. CNA schools are doing their best to train more health care aids but a serious shortage does still exist.